The Stunt Man

Film, Comedy
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Lacking the innocence of Rush's previous work, this is also short on the really sardonic wit that its storyline (based on Paul Brodeur's novel) demands. A young Vietvet on the run (Railsback) tumbles onto the location of an all-action World War I epic, and falls into uneasy partnership with the movie's imperious, soliloquising director, O'Toole. That piece of casting is driven home with a sledgehammer insistence, while Railsback's engagingly twitchy performance - as the new stuntman filling in for a dead predecessor - is passed over in favour of more 'serious' themes. The result is a movie filled with gags and excellent stunts which remains curiously humourless at heart. Stunted, not stunning.

Release details

Duration: 130 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Richard Rush
Screenwriter: Lawrence B Marcus
Cast: Peter O'Toole
Barbara Hershey
Steve Railsback
Sharon Farrell
John Garwood
Allen Garfield
Alex Rocco
Adam Roarke
Chuck Bail
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