The Subterraneans

1 out of 5 stars
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Jack Kerouac's Beat odyssey is well and truly beaten to a pulp in this sanitised Hollywood claptrap. Groovester Peppard falls not for the black girl featured in the original novel but for decidedly French waif Caron. Jazz musos passing through on their way to their connection include saxman Art Pepper and flugelhorn virtuoso Art Farmer. McDowall's words of youthful wisdom: 'Hey, life is a party and everyone else is a party-crasher!' Like profoundsville, daddy-o, and in 'Scope to boot. Hypnotically abominable.

By: TJ

Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Ranald MacDougall
Robert Thom
George Peppard
Leslie Caron
Janice Rule
Roddy McDowall
Anne Seymour
Jim Hutton
Scott Marlowe
Art Pepper
Art Farmer
Gerry Mulligan
Carmen McRae
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Truly unbeliebably atrocious film from the very first moments of dialogue. Cliched would be a compliment. Every bohemian beat stereotype smacks u across the face. Pofaced pretentious dialogue like Godard on smack and Prozac. Addictive!