The Ugliest Woman in the World

Similar in style to the fantastic satires of Alex de la Iglesia (Acción Mutante, The Day of the Beast), this vaguely futuristic, feminist schlock begins in Madrid, 2010, with the savage knife murder of an old woman by a mysterious nun - or perhaps that was just her party costume. Lt Arribas' investigation leads him to a scientist specialising in 'morphogenetics', Lola Otero, the 'most beautiful woman in the world,' and the haunting tale of a little girl dubbed 'the Malaysian foetus' by her classmates. Bardem's dissection of social hyprocrisy is only skin deep, but this cartoony fairytale is fun all the same.

By: TCh

Release details

Duration: 108 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Miguel Bardem
Screenwriter: Nacho Faerna
Cast: Elia Galera
Otero Roberto Álvarez
Héctor Alterio
Alberto San Juan
Enrique Villén
Guillermo Toledo
David Pinilla
Pablo Pinedo
Saturnino García