The Wisdom of Crocodiles

Film, Thrillers
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Po-Chih Leong's film begins strikingly with a car wreck suspended in the treetops. The female driver had the misfortune to be involved with one Steven Grlscz (Law). It's not until Grlscz's next girlfriend meets with an equally grisly fate that Inspector Healey (Spall) takes an interest - although the suspect could scarcely be more cooperative. He even saves the inspector from a gang of muggers on the Underground. Meanwhile, Steven has taken up with an engineer, Anne Levels (Löwensohn), who can't figure out her charming, mysterious lover for the life of her. A strange, enigmatic, stylish and stimulating picture, this toys with tropes from the horror movie, the thriller and romantic melodrama with singular results. The closest comparison is with Harry Kümel's elegant philosophical fantasy films Daughters of Darkness and Malpertuis; the original screenplay has similar mytho-poetic pretensions, with its ruminations on the nature of good and evil, love, death and the whole damn thing. Po Chih Leong brings a stately sense of foreboding to the proceedings, hints at a contorted, expressionist shadow behind Law's brooding beauty and charisma, and uses the dissolve almost as a fleeting totem of impermanence.

By: TCh

Release details

Duration: 99 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Po Chih Leong
Screenwriter: Paul Hoffman
Cast: Jude Law
Elina Löwensohn
Timothy Spall
Kerry Fox
Jack Davenport
Colin Salmon

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4.4 / 5

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It's really frustrating that is is such an underrated and unknown movie. It's not just a "vampire movie" or a movie you can easily label. It's certainly not for those who seek cheap thrills and to be spoon-fed all the info. You must figure out for yourself what's going on and why Steven is so conflicted as a character, and so philosophical. Steven - played beautifully by Law - is a cold hearted - but not necessarily evil - vampire-like creature. He is ancient and admits that he is primitive underneath his polished appearances (hence the reference to the three brains). He also knows he is a species on his own and not really human. He needs not just any blood to survive, but the blood of women who have strong feelings for him, or else his body breaks down. His last two victims felt despair and disappointment in the end, and these negative feelings entered his body and hurt him. So, he is seeking a woman to really love him, so that the love in her blood can heal him. Then he meets Anne Levels, he is attracted to her, but he is also confused by her behaviour. Will she be the one? The movie has a good pace and is beautifully shot. It has a great mysterious, gothic atmosphere and is a good thriller-adventure at the same time. Don't trust the critics on this one. Watch it and judge for yourself!

very little known, very good version of dracula in modern setup, with beginning jude law

very little known, very good version of dracula in modern setup, with beginning jude law