The World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries

Film, Horror
3 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars
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A belated but welcome sequel to the no-budget, shaky-cam movie, ‘The Zombie Diaries’ (2006), featuring the same lead character, Leeann, and the same predatory villains, Goke (Russell Jones) and Manny (Hiram Bleetman). Found by a squad of Territorial Army reservists, complete with their own documenting cameraman, the traumatised Leeann journeys with them across zombie-infested rural Hertfordshire towards Hope’s Point, where rescue ships are due in two days. Shambling flesh-eaters are a constant worry, but roaming bands of barbarous humans pose the greatest threat.

Alix Wilton Regan is a great improvement over Victoria Nalder in the recast lead role of Leeann; the production values in general are classier; and co-directors Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates’s handling of the relentlessly grim, apocalyptic setting is more assured. That said, one attempted rape, and two actual rapes – the second and nastiest filmed in gloating close-up by the perpetrators – is excessive and self-defeating. Also, the cut-away scenes of army personnel in decontamination suits rounding up civilians like cattle only arrest the narrative flow, while adding little to the bleakly ironic ending.


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Release date:
Friday June 24 2011
88 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Bartlett, Kevin Gates
Philip Brodie
Alix Wilton Regan
Rob Oldfield

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3.8 / 5

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Was so bad I turned it off after 40 minutes! Dodgy acting, special effects were terrible and you could tell it was all edited in Final Cut (not a bad thing to edit but the idea of the story is that it's home made...). All in all I found it rubbish!

Dave......sorry i have only noticed the 2nd post you sent (its late and I am tired).... thanks for your comment....they are much appricated..

Dave....your comment about the film being done by a bunch of talentless filmakers....I would like to know are you a film maker yourself? As a person involved in the making of the film on by no means where any of the crew and cast talentless at all. That comment you made was unfair and far from the truth.... but its fine that you didnt like the film cos thats your choice.

terrible film..couple of good momenys but far too much nightvision..tramping around pointlessly. Dull

the shakey cam thing is being ploughed into the ground by talentless film-makers...tell a proper story through proper means.

Another walking dead movie. I'm getting a little tired by zombie films but at least this one managed to breathe some fresh life into the dusty lungs of the genre. I have not seen the first Zombie Diaries film, but this one is chock full of action and brutal horror of the Deliverance kind. It certainly lives up to its 18 rating. Recommended if you're a fan of Romero and want to see another living dead epic.