Thor: Ragnarok

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Thor: Ragnarok

Norse beefcake Thor is back for an intergalactic team-up with Hulk in a riotous, screwball threequel.

If you’ve been waiting for a superhero movie with the line, ‘Guys, we’re coming up on The Devil’s Anus’, we have very good news: Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is that movie. Irreverent, helter-skelter, more colourful than an Oompa Loompa’s cheese dream and just a little off its Ragnarocker (in the best way), it has all the hallmarks of a franchise confident enough to throw the ball to the most singular filmmakers and let them run with it. 

Take a bow, then, director Taika Waititi. The New Zealander’s offbeat comic sensibility has somehow parlayed straight from indie gems like ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ and on to a canvas a hundred times bigger. There are jokes galore, a headily ’80s vibe, one A-list cameo for the ages and a scene-stealing rock monster called Korg (mo-capped by Waititi himself, presumably on his day off). To crank up the giddiness levels even further, Jeff Goldblum pitches up as the hedonist Grandmaster, a kind of intergalactic Peter Stringfellow who presides over a gladiatorial arena on the glitz-sheened junk planet of Sakaar.

The story picks up two years after the events of ‘Age of Ultron’ with a lost and hammerless Thor (Chris Hemsworth, showing off his comedy chops) washing up on Sakaar, where the now perma-furious Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is a gladiatorial hero. But it’s the Grandmaster’s unwitting match-up of the Avengers’ two waifs and strays that really stirs the plot. The pair are pitched first into screen-juddering combat, and then some tentative male bonding. There’s a lovely recurring gag about whether Thor prefers Hulk or his brainy alter ego Bruce Banner as this unusually bruising bromance takes shape. Somewhere amid the buddy-movie mayhem, and male insecurity, there’s also an Asgardian apocalypse – the titular ‘Ragnarok’ – to avert and Thor’s evil big sis Hela (Cate Blanchett, all hammy hauteur) to thwart. Tom Hiddleston’s fan favourite Loki is also back to add slippery charisma.

If ‘Ragnarok’ is the funniest Marvel movie to date – pipping ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ – it’s not without frustrations. The standard third act CG-fest feels leaden after the zip of what’s come before, it’s overlong and there’s arguably one too many super-powered MacGuffins (we’d have lost the Flame of Thingymajiggy). But they’re minor grumbles: in a world of portentous blockbusters getting ever darker, it’s a joy to see one throwing on the disco lights.

By: Phil de Semlyen


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Tuesday October 24 2017
130 mins

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Taika Waititi
Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Eric Pearson
Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Mark Ruffalo
Jeff Goldblum
Cate Blanchett

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Probably the funniest of the Marvel movies, it actually starts off not where you expect it, and then immediately sets the tone with humour that takes the micky out of most superhero films. It's not super worthy, more of an enjoyable romp with Thor being a lot more human than his pretty boring first outing. Jeff Goldblum plays...well, himself again as the Grand Master who capture Thor and makes him fight his champion. Guess who this could be? It's a lot of fun and at 2 hours and a half, could outstay its welcome but thankfully doesn't. 


The addition Taika Waititi brings a breath of fresh air to a franchise/genre in desperate need of a break from the formula. We will be subjected to Marvel movies for the foreseeable future so any change is welcome. It's not without flaws and I would argue that it's quirkiness and humour outshines the action which in the end feels prolonged. Still a fun watch!


I need more stars for this one! Loved the action and especially the humour. Cate Blanchett is a great villain! A must see!


Another Marvel movies that outstays its welcome... too long; it could have been cut by at least 20 minutes. The director, who vocalises a CG character is the highlight of the film; brilliant and very funny; but outside that the film just lags too often. 

Once again the juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinema Universe hits the screen and this time it’s tongue is wedge firmly in it’s cheek. This feels like a mixture of ‘Guardians’ with the original ‘Thor’ shaken not stirred… and it’s a riot that should leave you laughing in your seats. Spilt into two stories, there is the Asgard sequences with Cate Blanchett (Hela) attempting to rule over her new subjects mainly by killing them. Then the sequences on Planet Sakaar, where Thor, Loki and the Hulk find themselves. A planet that their expected to entertain the masses and the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), camping it up for all he’s worth. It really looks like the actors in this segment are having a right laugh. This is a film that has had all in comedy turned up to 11. A slight shame that the Asgard parts of the movie feel limp in comparison. Fortunately this parts are kept to a minimum. Feeling like it was lifted from a comic page, bright swatches of colour everywhere and visuals that you can appreciate. There are cameo’s from Dr. Strange plus Stan Lee and you can expect the usual end of movie clip. Marvel does it again bringing a enjoyable, fun, silly and entertaining comicbook journey to the screen… looks like DC has everything to do just to get even close. Ball is in your court DC.


This is basically another Guardians of the Galaxy- which I love. It is a nice change from the monotony of the previous Thor films. A decent addition to the MCU franchise and would appeal to those who have little interest in Marvel.


Thor: Ragnarok is a hoot. Fact. Not that I’d expect anything less from Taika Waititi, director of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ and all round most excellent comedy genius but still, it’s worth laying all the cards on the table here. If you’re wary of reliving the solemnity of the last Thor film, fear not – from the opening scenes of Thor slowly rotating while a fire demon patiently waits till he’s facing front again before continuing to detail his plans for world death & destruction, it’s clear that you’re in for a very fun ride.

I’m not a hardcore comic fan and my knowledge of the DC & Marvel worlds would never qualify me as a contender for Mastermind but there was enough backstory give here to carry me along quite happily plus, let’s face it, hot men in shiny costumes don’t exactly require Werner Herzog levels of concentration. Thor needs to save his world from an

evil sister – enter stage right Cate Blanchett with an envy-inducing piece of headwear and an often relatable irritation with other people – alongside comrades old and new.

The jokes roll in thick & fast and Chris Hemsworth confirms his place in the category of ‘comic-talent-underused-because-let’s-face-it-he’s-very-pretty’ actors but the absolute scene stealer is the director himself who appears as Korg, a rock monster built like a backstreet bouncer and blessed with the voice of a pre-pubescent choir boy.

For me, this latest incarnation wasn’t as wholly brilliant as the first original film – Kenneth ‘Chuckles’ Branagh absolutely knocked it out of the park with that movie – and I do think it was about 20 minutes too long but I reckon that little quibble puts me in the minority because everyone else in the screening was clearly having the time of their life living in Thor’s world for 130 minutes and sometimes, in all honesty, all you want is a musclebound Aussie dude speaking like Laurence Olivier and battling to save the universe which is hands down what Thor: Ragnarok gives you.


Disclaimer number 1 - I’m a geek

Disclaimer number 2 - I’m love super-heroes films

Having said the above, I Have to say this is one of the best super-heroes films out there. It competes closely with the first Gardians of the Galaxy and In my opinion is slightly better.

It’s funny, packed with action and adrenaline.

I’ll probably watch it again.


This was an enjoyable movie and like the other Marvel movies all ties in with the post credits and storylines from other  films. We find out where the Hulk disappeared to and what Dr Strange had to say to Thor. This movie seemed to have a bit of an overhaul.  It was sad that as the majority of the story wasn't on Earth, Thor's human friends e.g. Darcy and Jane were written out. As was the throw away deaths of the Warriors Three and there was no mention of Lady Sif. Still we got to meet new characters and it was all pretty entertaining. It had some very funny moments particularly with the Hulk and Jeff Goldblum. The film felt as if it didn't really need all that time to tell it's story. 


Absolutely loved this installment of Thor; lots of action and humor to support a fairly good story line.

With support from the Hulk and references to the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, this is a great film although it's probably worth making sure you're caught up on all of the other Marvel installments.


Now on it’s third round of it’s 1st gen trilogy’s, marvel seems to be running out of a little seam. With Iron man progressively getting worse and Captain America get better as they get a few more stress wrinkles from all of this world saving, Thor honestly is the make or break film for the momentum of of the marvel universes future. Well how does it shape up? If you put the first two together, wrap it up in the first Iron man and dip it in Avengers assemble, it still wouldn’t come close to how surprising amazing this film turned out to be. Not only is it the best marvel film of the year but it’s the best superhero movie so far, (I have a few issues with Wonder Woman). Even the fun loving Guardians of the galaxy 2 doesn’t come close to to the wonders of 80’s nostalgia and brightly coloured set designs. I think they’ve finally realised that a little cheeky humour and a lot of gratuitous shirtless shots of Hemsworth go along way. And of course the return of the legend the is the Goldbloom and the end credit scene that actually sets up the next film... can anyone say INFINITY WAR!!!!!


If you need cheering up, go to Thor.

By far the best thor movie, however taken the superhero in a more comedic direction.

You could say the jokes water down a quite serious storyline however you can really sit back and enjoy the movie as a distraction from everyday normality.


A blend of wry humour and big, showy action, Thor Ragnarok is a very easy watch. It's not perfect - too many elements are set up without being fully explored - but the film is really enjoyable.

You get the familiarity of Thor and Loki's relationship, and several solid references to the Marvel Universe as a whole, so it fits quite nicely within the massive story-arc that's been linking all of Marvel's recent films. There's even a moment of Tom Hiddleston appearing on screen with Benendict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. The woman next to me in the cinema barely managaed to control herself.

If you're invested in the Marvel Universe, Thor Ragnarok won't disappoint: it's funny and fast-paced, and definitely worth your time.


Are we still doing this? Really? While by no means a fanboy, I’ve seen every Marvel film and after Thor Ragnarok I just don’t care anymore.

How did we get to a point where Thor, a fairly dull character in the Marvel Universe has now appeared in 6 films? This one shakes it up tonally by going for laughs in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy (a significant shift in tone compared to the almost Shakespearean original) and the similarities don’t stop there. The 80s-style soundtrack, campy characters (Jeff Goldblum in semi-drag looking a lot like Benicia Del Toro’s ‘The Collector’) and heavy use of colourful CGI (there are times it all looks like the screen’s going to explode into an avalanche of Skittles) had me wondering if I’d seen it before.

And that’s the problem here. Marvel has created such a standard Marvel template that they’re now just running on autopilot. There are absolutely no surprises in this film and you can spot each gag a mile off. Still, only 98 days until Black Panther comes out...


If you enjoy the Marvel films, this one is for you! It's pacey, it's funny and it's thoroughly entertaining. Poor Thor is hammerless for most of this adventure but he still succeeds in being a true super-hero. He faces up to a very nasty sibling (Cate Blanchette) and has a wonderful reunion with Banner (Mark Gruffallo).

Thor's hair is cut but his Samsonesque strength remains. Thank goodness his father (Anthony Hopkins) is there to give him renewed confidence when it is needed.

This is one where two and a half hours really does fly past.


Aw man... what a movie!!!

Honestly I wasn't expecting it to be THIS good.. though I've enjoyed a lot of the Thor movies, I know how predictable and mundane a film can become when there are so many in the series.

Not the case!!! This was the best one yet in my opinion. It was hilarious!!!! Which was refreshing.. you don't get to see much humour from Thor in other movies but this one humanized his character a lot more which really worked !!! It was action packed, funny and one not to be missed!!!


I'm not usually a fan of super hero movies, but there is something about the Thor series. Chris Hemsworth is absolutely brilliant as the leading man, hilariously funny and convincing as an unlikely hero.

This is full of action from start to finish, truly never a dull moment. The characterisation is fantastic, all the roles are so well cast. Good storyline, stunning cinematography and full of humour. An exciting ride of a movie!


I don't often do movie reviews, as I tend to research the movies I watch beforehand and it's normally the director, or the genre, or the cast, or the subject matter, etc. that draw me to watch a particular movie in the first place. So more often than not any review that I might potentially do would be a confirmation of what I was anticipating in the first place. Not this time, baby, not this time. We went in unaware. Truth be told, we just felt like a movie so went for the next available screening at Vue Westfield. And what a wonderful ride we were in for! 2.5 hours of pure entertainment, that felt to fly by in a nano-second. Without revealing the plot points, let me just say that this here is a rarely seen example of how comedy can actually drive the narrative in a fantasy / super-hero movie (as last seen in The Guardians of the Galaxy). Humour was never misplaced, always on point and gave the story much needed heart. All central characters were actually multidimensional and each had a convincing arc, the special effects and action sequences looked good and were nicely paced throughout, and the story made sense. And the music score (with a nod to post-Stranger Things revived 80s synth sound) was just divine. Combined with the factor of this being an unexpected breakout hit for me, I give Thor: Ragnarok 5 stars. 

P.S.: OMG, with his hair cut short, Chris Hemsworth all of a sudden looks so much like his younger brothers, it's beguiling!