Tiger Shark

Film, Action and adventure
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A minor but highly enjoyable Hawks adventure, with Robinson in expansive form as the Portuguese tuna fisherman who marries a friend's daughter, only to find that she has lost her heart to his younger buddy. Warners revamped the love-triangle story countless times, and Hawks himself reworked it for Barbary Coast; but the film's virtues lie less in its plot (which, with its protagonist mutilated by a shark, occasionally drifts rather waywardly into Moby Dick territory) than in its jaunty mood and in the evocative tuna-fishing sequences, shot on location on the Monterey coast.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 80 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Howard Hawks
Screenwriter: Wells Root
Cast: Edward G Robinson
Zita Johann
J Carrol Naish
Richard Arlen
Leila Bennett
Vince Barnett
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