Times Square

Film, Drama
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Nail your TV to the floor and lock up your daughters: the message here - run away from home, live in a derelict warehouse, and you too can become a cult heroine - is an appealingly romantic one, and there's a fair sprinkling of magic dust to help the fairytale along. Streetwise Nicky (Johnson), elder of two runaways, metamorphoses from scruffy, disturbed urchin to punk-chic Jagger clone, venting her anger as lead singer of the Blondells. Sheltered Pamela (Alvarado), rich and introverted, breaks out and forces an overbearing parent to see her as she is, not as he wants her to be. It's a world where a black plastic bag is a fashion garment, where a TV-smashing campaign is a serious social statement, where teenage runaways in New York do not fall prey to pushers and pimps, where a jaded disc jockey (Curry) promotes their cause. Socially irresponsible and refreshingly optimistic: a Wizard of Oz for the '80s.

By: FF

Release details

Duration: 113 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Allan Moyle
Screenwriter: Jacob Brackman
Cast: Tim Curry
Trini Alvarado
Robin Johnson
Peter Coffield
Herbert Berghof
David Margulies
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I saw this film when I was 17 (now 45) and loved it.I didn't think it had a lesbian theme at the time but I guess because it's about two girls which was quite rare at the time it got labled as such. The double album soundtrack was eclectic and it has been said that the film was more of a vehicle for soundtrack than a seriously made film. I enjoyed it .Robin Johnson was signed to the studio but not given any good role immedatley after and not released to work for other studios which is a shame. Probably quite dated now in most peoples eyes. But the sountrack still has its gems. Oh, and it does NOT end with a suicide