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American comedian Amy Schumer makes her leading-lady debut with this hilarious, insightful bad-taste comedy from 'Knocked Up' director Judd Apatow

Amy Schumer is a comedy superwoman. Her stand-up is funny-as-hell; she’s a viral sensation with her ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ sketches and lately she’s become every feminist’s new girl crush. Now add to that list: she’s the best thing to happen to Hollywood since the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler double act at the Golden Globes. Schumer’s new autobiographical comedy ‘Trainwreck’, about a commitment-phobic New York writer, is the funniest film of the summer, so outrageous and hilarious that it’ll make your bladder go weak.

The posters say ‘from the guy who brought you “Bridesmaids”’, meaning comedy super-producer Judd Apatow, who produces and directs Schumer’s script. ‘Trainwreck’ is more of a straightforward romcom than ‘Bridesmaids’, except that here Schumer plays the traditional ‘man’ role. She’s hard-partying, promiscuous Amy, a writer for a Maxim-like men’s magazine that publishes articles like ‘How to talk your girlfriend into a three-way’. In a genius piece of casting, Tilda Swinton is Amy’s no-nonsense boss (unrecognisable behind inch-thick fake-tan and a Kate Middleton blow-dry). Amy has mastered the art of sleeping around (four different actors are credited as ‘One-Night Stand Guy’) and her number-one rule is never to sleep over on a date. The sex is all hilariously awkward. But when she’s assigned to interview a sports surgeon (Bill Hader, adorable), she cracks and gets serious.

‘Trainwreck’ isn’t perfect. Its happy-ever-after ending feels like a cop-out. But you can forgive this film a lot. You forget how limited so many movies’ ideas of women are until Amy Schumer launches into an extended tampon joke: nothing is off-limits as she kapows through expectations of female characters.

‘Trainwreck’ is a film about everyday sexism and double-standards. At a party, her sister’s husband makes Amy’s promiscuity the butt of a joke. Would he do that to a guy? Schumer is calling this stuff out. But you only realise this when you stop laughing. Talk about having a moment: you could wrap Schumer in silver foil and put her on a Christmas tree and she wouldn’t be a bigger star.


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Friday August 14 2015
122 mins

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Judd Apatow
Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer
Bill Hader
Brie Larson
Tilda Swinton

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Oh Amy, what did you do? I expected so much more from you and instead you produced a mediocre film, with scenes that didn't even make me snigger let alone laugh out loud and your overall cheesy approach to the romance, was so very very dull. Extremely disappointed in a film from such a smart, stand out women who, in real life, is rather funny.

moderatorStaff Writer

This is a fun film, but was I the only one expecting something a little edgier from Schumer? The bawdy humour is all there, but the overall story (not to mention that sugary ending!) has Apatow all over it. Slightly confusing altogether. But the jokes are all there so maybe I'm just whinging.


To say this film far surpassed my expectations might sound as though they were low to begin with which isn't strictly true. I love 'Superbad' and 'Knocked Up' and anything with the super cute & hilariously dry Bill Hader is guaranteed to pique my interest but I just didn't know enough about 2015's flavour of the summer Amy Schumer to decide if this was going to be as funny as the trailer made it appear. Well frankly chaps, it was all that and more.

Amy is crass, gross, annoying, loud, defensive and overpowering. She's also bright, opinionated, talented, sincere and brilliant in a role that makes you veer between wanting to get a beer with her and run away screaming and honestly, isn't that pretty much the real deal with most people? It's refreshing to watch a film where the female lead is allowed to be this perfectly and honestly flawed. Hader is the ideal foil to both the loud Schumer and the remarkably good LeBron James however it's Tilda Swinton whose hideously brilliant & unarguably gorgeous Dianna gives a dictionary perfect definition of the term 'scene stealer'. Honestly, you've never seen her do anything like this and in a world where actors descend into levels of physical repulsiveness in order to show their range, her ascent into sharp, hot & bitchy can't-look-away glory is standing ovation fabulous.

Set in a modern New York City far removed from the soft focus 80's glow or the shoulder padded sting of the 90's, you really feel that this is a film about what it's like to be a woman in a world where if you don't fit a cookie cutter mould, you might not fit in anywhere. It's not flawless as the ending does settle into a somewhat predictable pace but it's definitely bolder than most other comedies out there and if you liked 'Bridesmaids' and are counting down until the new female packed 'Ghostbusters' remake hits cinemas, this is exactly the film you need to see. 

Staff Writer

While I do think they pack all the good bits into the trailer, this still proved to be a really fun film. I've only just discovered Amy Schumer and she is brilliant. LeBron James proved pretty entertaining too. A good one to watch with the girls.


Not being familiar with Amy Schumer - I though she was amazing..I don't really enjoy gross modern American sex comedy, however this is an exception. The film is very blunt and crude in parts, but it also have a ring of truth which is refreshing. Go & see - if only to see Tilda Swinton doing something "very different".


Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm not the hugest fan of Judd Apatow's films. However, I kept seeing the trailer for Trainwreck and every time I would laugh, so I thought I might as well check it out. Boy, am I glad I did! At times it was laugh-out-loud funny (though being a Canadian, I laughed a heck of a lot more than everyone else in the audience - maybe some of the jokes don't translate as well to the British sense of humour?) and poignant... I may have shed a few tears here and there. Amy Schumer is downright hilarious and Bill Hader proved himself very worthy of leading man status; I've only seen his stuff on Saturday Night Live and didn't have high expectations but seriously, he was fantastic. I highly recommend this movie if you want a smart comedy with a dash of family relationships and the drama that is inherent in them - well worth it.


I had heard all the hype about Trainwreck and I kind of went it thinking that it wouldn't live up to my expectations as I thought it might be like some other films, where all the good parts are

In the trailer - but I was proved wrong! It's funny but had a real moral backstory to it and a huge emphasis on family and its importance. Well worth a watch!


Trainwreck is the perfect Sunday film, if I'm honest it exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be another one of those films that shows all the best bits on the adverts leaving you disappointed but Amy is anything but disappointing. LeBron James is surprisingly hilarious too. It did get a little predictable half way through and there was a few moans from the boyfriend that it dragged on a bit but It did make us laugh far more then we were expecting.


Trainwreck is funny and sweet in a non-nauseous way, but not exactly the ‘breaking all the rules of romantic comedy’ some people seem to believe it is. Although it has a somewhat predictable end, I don’t want to spoil it here; but it’s a pity that it ends up being such a traditional rom-com. It definitely didn’t start as one (the first scene is truly great). Still, it’s refreshing to have not perfect looking (although ridiculously charming) main characters that are also genuinely interesting. Also it could have been done with less stunt casting, but the real-life sport players are surprisingly good. Actually LeBron James and Bill Hader may have the best scenes – and best chemistry!


Not a trainwreck…

I went to see the movie hoping for the originality and freshness promised by the critics. At first it was just that. Something different in the world of rom-com. Filled with risqués moments, focusing on how you can enjoy being single, getting passed out drunk, having sex with random strangers and still being happy and feeling fulfilled.

But halfway through, the feel of the movie changes. If you like romantic movies, you’ll love the somewhat cliché and predictable scenario. But if you wanted something new, you’ll feel like you’ve been cheated on.

Friday night was movie night and my friend and I decided we needed a laugh and we got one!  Yes it's predictable and perhaps a little too 'aahhh' like but ultimately it delivered on the LOL front.  And to top it all off, Tilda Swinton was superb!  I would love to see her in another similar role to the one she played in this film. 

Probably the worst film I have seen in a long long time. Predictable and boring. Amy is unlikeable and unfunny. Far too long too. I was asking how long there was to go after less than an hour! Nothing like Bridesmaids at all... unfair to even make the comparison! If I could give zero stars I would!

moderatorStaff Writer

Amy where has you been all my life? The American comedienne has really knocked it out the park with her rom-romp. The opening scene of Amy’s dad explaining how monogamy doesn’t work is comedy magic. The film ends rather predictably, but it’s the journey that counts here. There’s the ever difficult family dynamic, the ridiculous office politics and the unexpected falling in love. LeBron James steals many of the scenes as does the ever genius Tilda Swinton who is transformed into the boss from hell. You’ll laugh and possibly cry at this film that you can most definitely take your boyfriend to see.