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Evans' antsy follow-up to 'My Little Eye' sees Firth letting himself go as Ben, a car-accident casualty who wakes up from a coma to find himself caught between the deaths of two women: his wife Elisa (Harris), killed in the same crash, and pop singer Lauren Paris, murdered beside Hackney Canal. Looking to piece his life back together, he repairs to a cavernous apartment in a semi-converted East End hospital, sets up an ant colony in his living room, and befriends a new-agey American neighbour (Suvari) who professes a fear of spiders. Brooding several shades grizzlier than his well-worn norm, Firth's essay in self-estrangement is the most compelling thing in this overwritten psychodrama. Evans employs skewed, fractured visuals, jumpy edits and non-diegetic sound effects to get inside Ben's head and under our skin, but it's too much, overcooked, and the story doesn't hold.

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Release date:
Friday September 17 2004
94 mins

Cast and crew

Marc Evans
Colin Firth
Mena Suvari
Naomie Harris
Tommy Flanagan
Sean Harris
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Unfortunately this film contains everything that is bad about British film-making. A pretentious screenplay, seedy London locations, boredom-inducing camera angles, indulgent directionwith contempt for the audience. It's not the actors' fault . . .. they couldn't have known it was going to be this bad. .. It's best features are its short playing-time and its economy . .. ie . . . not that much money wasted on producing it.