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Those fuzzy-haired freaks get their own cartoon, and it's a silly treat

No, ‘Trolls’ is not a movie about the haters with terrible spelling who threaten people on the Internet. This musical kids’ animation is based on the plastic dolls with frizzy hair that were big in the ’90s. And against the odds, it’s funny and snarky, and just a bit bonkers – like everyone involved has had a little hit of liquid acid.

Anna Kendrick is the voice of Princess Poppy, the relentlessly upbeat heir to Troll Village, where everyone is so happy they squeeze together for hourly group hugs. Tragedy comes to town when a group of Trolls get kidnapped after partying so hard they attract the attention of gruesome ogres, the Bergens, who can only find happiness by eating trolls. On a mission to rescue her buddies, Poppy recruits a miserable Troll, Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake), who’s the only grey in the village.

There are some brilliant characters. Russell Brand is perfect as the voice of a douchey spiritual guru. A sparkly Troll, Guy Diamond, sprinkles glitter from his buttocks. In Bergen Town, a scullery maid ogre (Zooey Deschanel) is transformed Cinderella-style into Lady Glitter Sparkles (‘but I still smell like gravy’). There’s a lovely crafty feel to the animation – everything’s felt and glitter. It’s in 3D, but you may want to wear sunglasses under your specs: the brightness may damage your eyes.

‘Trolls’ is not break-the-mould brilliant like ‘The Lego Movie’ or ‘Toy Story’, or a keeper like ‘Frozen’. But it’s a lovable and giddy guilty pleasure.

By: Cath Clarke


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Friday October 21 2016
92 mins

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Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn
Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger

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Trolls is an adorable, lovable, sweet film that the whole family will enjoy, especially the children.

I did love watching Trolls and I do think the animation is created incredibly well.

I could see the most peculiar details of the Trolls hairs and their soft, furry bodies.

This was all captured beautifully on screen and their super powerful hair actions were extraordinary.

It was something special to see all these different Trolls, with all their bold colours shining through in this film.

I am sure that every child will fall in love with it, perhaps every adult. You just never know.

The scenery was impeccable and even the Bergens, the grotesquely looking troll-eaters were designed perfectly.

It was very cuddly and fuzzy, until the Bergens came and started to take the Trolls away. They wanted the Trolls happiness and there was only one way for it.

You've got to see the film for yourself.

There will be a lot of "Awwwww" involved throughout the film. It's all just so pretty.

Anna Kendrick who voices 'Poppy' is perfect and is the troll that keeps everyone safe with the help of Justin Timberlake who voices 'Branch'. The grumpiest troll I've ever seen.

James Corden as 'Biggie' is just too sweet to see. He carries an enchanting little friend.

There were some excitement from my part when I found out about the cast list.

It was a tremendous shame that I didn't get to see or hear much of GloZell who voices 'Grandma Rosiepuff'. If I can remember, I think she had one small scene of her screaming due to her being eaten by a Bergen.

Also Kandee Johnson (a fabulous makeup artist/youtuber) who voices 'Mandy Sparkledust' and Gwen Stefani who voices 'DJ Suki'. There were a couple of scenes that I saw of them, but I felt like I didn't really hear anything come out of their voices.

Slightly disappointed on that note to be honest.

All and all I really found Trolls to be a gorgeous, delightful film. I would definitely go and watch it again.


Love MD.


Awwww man! I watched this the other day and had to go and watch it AGAIN!!!! YES...I enjoyed it that much!

.... I assumed it would be a little childish at first but it wasn't. It was hilarious and endearing. With characters who will stay with you for a very long time.

What I truly loved about this movie is the fact that they used popular songs ! The characters sang songs everyone has heard of at some point! Such a great movie. Highly recommended for all ages!!


“This was my favourite favourite film ever!!” were the exact words out of my daughter’s mouth after seeing this movie (who has been very much a Frozen girl until now). My thoughts are that this is everything a kid’s movie should be – fun and colourful, with plenty of catchy songs and dancing.

Trolls is a story of what it takes to be truly happy.. the message being that this comes from within (and can’t be obtained from eating a troll!) It is a heart-warming tale, the characters are sweet and lovable, the soundtrack is fantastic and it is full of witty humour, even for the grown ups! Overall, in my opinion, the best family film of the year!!


Trolls is formulaic and not the best work Dreamworks has produced these last couple of years. With only a handful of original songs, its heavy reliance on old disco classics and a thin, predictable storyline, it's easy to just dismiss Trolls as another run-of-the-mill family film that you could give a miss. 

Credit where it's due though: the animation is fantastic, and so are the felt sequences, which look so realistic you want to reach out and touch it. Although the overall film is hammy and predictable, but hey, at least it'll introduce kids to The Sound of Silence and Cyndi Lauper! Overall, Trolls is a feel-good film that tries to be a little too current, which is its downfall and doesn't necessarily have staying power. But it's entertaining while it lasts, with a fantastic voice cast too. Just try to keep the kids out of your hair and resist their requests for Trolls-based merchandise and you should survive Christmas.