True Legend

Film, Action and adventure
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It feels like five movies have been fused together with reams of mystical gibberish for this bloated martial arts monster from legendary Hong Kong stunt co-ordinator Yuen Woo-ping. His film boasts some stunning fight sequences but suffers from a severe lack of purpose. Film one sees Vincent Zhao as the honourable General Su who is hoodwinked by his evil foster brother then left for dead. Film two sees Michelle Yeoh wander in as a rural herbalist, cure Su, then leave again. Film three is in 3D, and sees Su battling against the God of Wushu, who looks like a contortionist version of Colonel Gaddafi. Film four sees Su taking bloody revenge on his brother. And film five sees Su as a nomadic drunk, who finds himself in a death match against a team of Russian wrestlers managed by the late David Carradine. And then it stops.


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Release date:
Friday September 24 2010
114 mins

Cast and crew

Yuen Woo-ping
Vincent Zhao
Michelle Yeoh
Ka-Yan Leung

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2.8 / 5

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Guys Guys Guys... I watch a lot of Kung Fu films and usually I am quite biased to liking them all, but this was bad!, the martial Arts was amazing, I'll give it that, but it really was like five films were patched together. I'm shocked at its overall poor splicing method, its really random, I wanted to like this but have to tell the truth which is, Its a poor film such a shame it had so much potential.

What an unprofessional review. Reckon you should look into perhaps going and working in a call centre or somewhere similar.

David, it seems anyone can be a critic nowadays. Your judgements are harsh and it seems you are not really a fan of martial arts films, I know I could do a better job than you and it pains me to say that. I think your 'good' review of The Green Hornet' sums up your expertise as a film critic.

this is a poor review, don't rate movies poorly just because you didnt get the concept........ and its not movies put together, you couldnt say any of the rocky movies are plentiful movies put together because he trains fro a brief period