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3 out of 5 stars
With sales of novelist Stephenie Meyers’s vampire romance saga escalating towards a phenomenon, this adaptation reaches cinemas with a core audience ready and waiting (low-teenage girls, judging by the crowd at the screening). Protagonist Bella Swann (Kristen Stewart) is presumably the point of identification. Sent to live with her dad in small-town Washington state, she’s the archetypal new girl. Neither geeky outsider nor social magnet, she hardly dares to dream that resident enigmatic hunk Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) would give her a second glance. However, it turns out he’s as smitten as she is, but theirs is destined to be a complicated relationship, since he’s a hundred-year-old bloodsucker whose powers of restraint are sorely tested by her mere presence. One snog and he might rip out her throat …

It’s hard not to read this as some slightly sinister metaphor for the perils of fornication and the wonders of abstinence, yet at the same time there is something tantalisingly swoony about impossibly elusive gratification. With brooding mist-wreathed mountains an effective backdrop, the key performers strike sparks from the electric tension of not-quite-kissing, though it’s soon obvious that there’s nowhere else for the story to go. Given the tween-accessible rating, blood-drenched carnage isn’t an option, and neither the fey, pale-faced vampire clan nor the mild final-reel pursuit carry a significant degree of threat. Some will find it all too polite, but compared to rival blockbuster exercises in explosive CGI mayhem, its character-based index of longing and protectiveness at least provides a viable alternative moodscape.



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Friday December 19 2008
121 mins

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Catherine Hardwicke
Melissa Rosenberg
Kellan Lutz
Billy Burke
Kristen Stewart
Jackson Rathbone
Robert Pattinson
Anna Kendrick
Nikki Reed
Ashley Greene
Taylor Lautner
Cam Gigandet

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5 out of 5 stars

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I have watched this film when it was first released in 2005 and back then, as a teenager, it was my sort of film. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon it and decided to give it a go as I didn't really remember the story completely and I must say that my opinion on it has completely changed. Twilight is and will always be a movie for kids and early teenagers, and I would not classify it as a film suitable for grown ups. Bella is too much of a damsel in distress, too clumsy (to exaggerate levels) and unable to take care of her own when Edward is not around, definitely not the character you want to see on screen these days. 

Twilight is such a great movie but it is not as great as the book. I still like it though. ..............I wonder if every teenage gurl feels da same way ass I do. Simply dis movie is like my fantasy and dream-like world where I can just picture the perfect guy and be happy. No doubts abwt it. Not like reality, where it is so hard to find my Edward Cullen...... So overall it's perfect. I'll give it a 5/5.

think i found my new fave film....what a brilliant film, i didnt want it to end.....think i will watch it again tonight....not felt this about a film for many years....:)

After reading the book (Twilight, not the sequels) I would have been absolutely furious if they hadn't made a decent job of the film and I was not let down by the producers. The film is excellent, I really enjoyed it - although sometimes I felt there was a bit too much romance and a little too little action, though not enough to spoil the film. At first, after seeing the trailer, I thought the actors/actresses were not particularly well cast but Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play their respective characters brilliantly. The sets were excellent, I especially loved the Cullen's house, although it wasn't how I imagined it. Also, the part where the vampires all play baseball - that was cool! Overall, a fantastic film that I would recommend to anyone over the age of about 12. 6 stars definately ******

omg !!!! twilight is like the best movie ever. i am ssoooooo glad they made this film waaaahaaaayyy!!!

i am so glad that they made a movie out of the book... it was BRILLIANT!!.. unfortunately they took out quite a lot of stuff from the book ( if you have reed it).. but you'll get your moneys worth if you like romantic highschool vamipry movie.

OMG! I loooooove the books, the movie was GREAT, but they left ALOT out. But i can not wait for New Moon to come out ! IT'S GOING TO ROCK! CAN NOT WAIT!

i love the book ...... i only read one it was new moon, and its a mazing i cant even stop readind ellypse i allready read 300 pages on one day cause i love it ... and the twillight film is accually quite good but not (so good that i thought it would be. =) i think the next film called new moon would be the best ..... o can someone answer my oquestion do u know if all books will be filmed ... ?

My friend got me into the books and i love them!! i liked the film very much and can't wait for new moon :) btw i love Rob

when my friend ask me to go i was like no way, however i went and havent stop going since. i have read all the books in less than a week!! could not put them down, found myself in another world, and all i can say is they are totally brilliant.. i think the actors chosen are perfect for the role, the film differs slightly from the book, but never the less is still as good. im a total addict, cant wait for new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn.

This film is the best film ever .... im german i always watch german films but i moved to wales now and watched my first film in english and it was twilight, i love it !!!! i LOVE EDWARD CULLEN, JASPER !!!! And i hope they film every book

this film is amazing and would recomend people to watch it the book is amazind so is the film I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN xxx

Twilight Rocks ! It is the best film ever ! i totally recommend it and i could watch it over and over again =] And the charaters are fit (not just edward ! )

Fantastic Books and a BRILLIANT Film. Honastly loved every second of watching it, that much I am getting my Husband to take me again Feb 14th, for the 3rd time(his first time). Reading the 4th book now and can't put it down, get it out to read every night after putting our Son to bed,but thinks it's now getting on my Husbands nerves though! Love vampire films and this is the BEST EVER!!!

Me and my friends loved this film, I've seen it twice now. I think if you havn't read the books, which I have and they're brilliant, before the film, there is more you have to work out to understand it. The soundtrack is great and I loved some of the special effects aswell.

I loved this film. I have read all the books and i thought that hte film is as every bit as good as the book! rob and kristen are such great actors they have a bright future!

this movie is the best movie and not just for the movie also the book is something you can sink your teeth into (or your fangs into) a must see and a must read its amazing

This is the best film i have seen in ages! In fact i would say that it was the best film i have ever seen. Edward Cullen is so gourgeous. I have posters of him all round my room! A girl can dream can't she?

INKY get over yourself this film was great i bet you could not know a good movie when it bit you on the nose. Any way this is the best film on the earth i will get that book and it will be so cool it is the best it's better than the rest don't get in it's way or your'll be historya word freaky freaky freesh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Edward was so sexy in this film in a mag he said he had never been in love before well i would go out with him any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reallyreallyreally good i want to go and see it again!!! i love twilight the film was imense although i have to admit the books were slightly better!!

Honestly? It's amazing! I've seen it 4 times already and i'm seeing it again this week. The book is definately better but the film is incredible. I can't stop thinking about it. I've had to stop myself from reading the second one as I won't be able to put it down and I have to concentrate on my mocks. So basically you have to see it and you have to gets the books! Also see it at the cinema don't wait till it comes out on DVD because things like that are always better at the cinema! Trust me, you won't regret it. X

OMG it was amazing, i loved it! great story line!! people kept telling me to shut up because i was laughing when h said that man was thinking 'cat' lmao! LOVE you twilight. i forgive them for postponing harry potter now!

My daughter got me hooked on the book I could not put it down I am now on the third Was not disapointed with the film and can not wait till the next one comes out

i would say read the books first i havent seen the flim but i adore the books(jacob is my favorite in the bks but he look werid in the flim)^-^

I'm gonna go see the film 2morow... Is it worth reading the books before you see the film? Are they really better?? Some1 comment plz!

absoloutly amazing the book was much better though but the film was VERY good been to see it twice xD hope to go see it again! xD if you havent read the book, read it. im just moving onto new moon, the second book of the series and if you havent seen the movie; go see it its truley amazing xD

Have never read the book so was unsure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised - this film is excellent. a definate must see.

yes the script is clunky at times and the pace is a bit slow to start but i really was really fascinated by the romance between Edward and Bella. i was really drawn in and on the edge of my seat, the film definitely makes such a difference to the usual commercial slushy teen romances.

oh my god! TWILIGHT! that film is the best film i have ever should deffo go and see it,its just amazing! iv seen it 5 or 6 times i loved it so much! GO AND SEE IT! your missing out if you dont! i love edward oh my god just gorg i love twilight! and ill say again BEST FILM EVER! xxxxxxxxx

omggggg this movie is the best movie i have ever seen i my only be 12 but i have seen loads of good movies but this one is the best i have been and seen it 5 times with different friends its sooo good i cant decribe how good it is loooool x And i would of love to of been in the movie as bella i mean edward is sort of fitt but anywayz it soooooo good i love it TWILIGHT is the best =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =]

Twilight rules!!! i recomend it! though the book will always be better, the film was just to good! i would seriously buy it. Twilight is awesome!!!

I don't agree with that entirely. Don't leave the guys at home, i took my boyfriend with me to see it and he loved it just as much as i did... A great film though. The books will always be better than the film because all the details and feelings that are contained in a book is extremely difficult to put into a film. I think that Catherine Hardwicke did an excellent job with it though!

Awesome!! Although I hated the Bella girl (really monotone) but the film was good. I can't wait till the next one! The books are also great!

Absolutely loved it. Books are better i must say but its a great movie!

Very beautifully done. The first time in my life I can say that the film was better than the book.

To be honest The movie was great, But changing and adding extra scenes in the movie makes it less appealing than the book. I prefer the book its more romantic and its Original! :P Bella in the movie is too monotous. Other than that the movie was pretty Good ;)

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