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3 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars
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Identity theft? A few dodgy card transactions are nothing compared to Liam Neeson’s travails in this spirited but wonky contemporary thriller. He’s a top biochemist just landed in Berlin. Forgetting his briefcase at the airport, he leaves his wife (January Jones) at their hotel, whereupon an auto snarl-up dumps his taxi in the River Spree – from which he escapes with his life, and little else. No ID, memory shaky. Not much help, then, when the missus claims he’s a total stranger and Aidan Quinn is filling his shoes. Will anyone believe his story?

The answer, sadly, proves to be rather less captivating than the question, and the movie rather crumbles when it eventually has to deliver its secrets. Ordinarily, this would leave viewers cursing under their breath, but director Jaume Collet-Serra manages a playful tone which encourages us to lighten up and enjoy this neatly turned fluff for what it is. Crisp car chases, scene-stealing Bruno Ganz as a Stasi-trained private eye and Neeson’s ably grounding presence help in that process.


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Release date:
Friday March 4 2011
113 mins

Cast and crew

Jaume Collet-Serra
Liam Neeson
Diane Krüger
Bruno Ganz
January Jones

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3.3 / 5

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It took us a while to establish what the story was in parts - we watched it primarily for Liam Neeson! The film had us guessing the whole way through, there were a couple of great moments where the plot started to fall into place. It did lack pace towards the end, but it was a satisfying and entertaining watch!

The Time Out reviewer is dead right about Liam Nesson's ` grounding presence`, Thanks to his acting talent, and a down-to-earth Berlin location, the viewer can almost forget the absurdity of the plot which ultimately disappoints with a sub-Bourne type ending which is an insult to one's intelligence. Well-crafted cinematography and good performances from the rest of the actors make this film watchable, but it's not as good as Frantic ( with Harrison Ford ) which had more heart . . . . Three stars .. just about . .

I thought this synopsis was excellent. I was thoroughly enjoying the movie right up until the point when all secrets were laid on the table. Up until that point it was excellent and had loads of potential. Unfortunately after this point the characters all of a sudden became meaningless. They had at least two other alternative endings that would have kept viewers sympatetic with the hero.Unfortunalely they went with a third option that makes a mokery of the earlier part of the movie.

Excellent Movie! It's nothing like Total Recall or Taken! Great thriller, a must see! The Assassin with the glasses was a class act! Well written. 5 Stars!

Excellent Movie! It's nothing like Total Recall or Taken! Great thriller, a must see! The Assassin with the glasses was a class act! Well written. 5 Stars!

Oh yeah, special mention to the intersting cast Bruno Ganz (who's played Hitler in DOWNFALL) and Frank Langella (who's played richard Nixon in FROST/NIXON)... these heavyweights elavate it somewhat...along with Sebastian Koch (from THE LIVES OF OTHERS and HAL HARTLEY'S FLIRT) and the main dude from THE COUNTERFEITERS....

Really happy that i got to see this. This si a throwback to the 1990s when a film like this came out every other week. Nowadays, films like these take themselves wayyyy too seriously (I blame Bourne Identity). This has the similar tone to SALT. Wish I'd seen TAKEN now! Anyway for what it was, it was the best vapid plot twister I've seen since DEJA VU a few years back (DENZEL WASHINGTON/ TONY SCOTT)... Loved the plot for start to finish. Was really bamboozled by the central mystery and on a 2nd viewing I will look for clues... *SPOILER BELOW* Was wondring what the SUBWAY accident halfway through had to do with anything... I But it turned out to be a giant red herring... Was tring to figure out any significance but it came to nothing...Right? Also where's AIDAN QUINN been all these years? A definite candidate for M.I.A. leading man from the 90s.... he used to be in this kind of thing all the time>!>

loved it crash bang wallop it is not real folks just a bit of entertainment honestly

If you take out the fact that it isn't taken despite similarly intense turn by Neeson and the same "seedy side" of a europe plagued by illegal immigrants of varying degrees of honesty and those who exploit them, then what you are left with is a fairly sold action thriller, with plenty of action, obligatory car chases, fist fights and explosions. It's not the superior hokum that Taken is but it's worth a trip out and it;s got enough to make you think it will be worth catching again when it hits the small screen even if you are never quite tempted to buy the dvd. Watch out for a nice little cameo by Langella.

You would have to be a fairly miserable chap not to get any enjoyment from this euro nonsense. The dingy German flats where no one ever seems to sand down their doors before repainting them and the wall paper comes in 2 colours, brown or grey cliche amused. As did some (hopefully) intentionally cruddy performances (Its not a serious film, despite the misleading poster featuring Neeson spinning round in a leather jacket with gun in hand....I can see how some mistook it for one!) so approach it in the right way and enjoy. And watch it to the end if you are going to comment, otherwise you ain't REALLY seen it, have you now! 6/10

@ Archgate: I managed to get through it, but only just - several times I contemplated leaving early. My main gripe is that it's just not a particularly good movie, made all the worse by Liam Neeson's not particularly good acting. For me, one of the greatest criticisms you can make about a film on current release at cinema is that it's of "made for TV" quality, and that's a true assessment of the quality of this film. What seemed so utterly ridiculous was Neeson's character's ability to drive so well in a furious and violent car chase - he was supposed to be a mild-mannered scientist, not James Bond.

Highly enjoyable thriller with echoes of Bourne, Frantic and Taken, let down by an improbable and disappointing last third.