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1 out of 5 stars

This reboot/sequel/remake of the beloved 1980s comedy retains none of the charm, humour or likeability of the original.

The rare reboot so foul and humorless it makes you question whatever attachment you might have had to the original, this lazy retread of Harold Ramis’s 1983 'Vacation' sours everything that’s made that film such a favourite. Splitting the difference between a sequel and a remake, this 'Vacation' introduces the next generation of the hapless Griswold family by regurgitating the beats of the franchise’s first adventure, wasting little time getting these new Griswolds on the road.

Rusty (Ed Helms, toxic), recognizing that his clan is in a rut, decides to do the same thing his dad Clark (Chevy Chase, awake) did when he was in this situation: cram his wife and kids into the car for a cross-country road trip to California theme park Walley World. These charmless characters are meant to learn that spending time with each other isn’t so bad, but in fact it’s agony – surviving 100 minutes with them is one of the great cinematic endurance tests of our time.

Written and directed by 'Horrible Bosses' scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein, 'Vacation' evinces an overt appreciation for the original – the film treats Clark’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster with hilarious reverence, like it’s actually a valuable part of film history – but precious little understanding of why it worked. Whereas John Hughes’s original script touched a nerve because he created a family that seemed like a funhouse mirror of your own, this version is just a witless series of gross-out gags, Clark’s wife projectile vomiting one minute and swimming in raw sewage the next.

Mercifully, there’s also a steady stream of cameos as a reprieve from the insufferable cast (Chris Hemsworth shines as Rusty’s emasculating brother-in-law), but nothing can save this cynical money-grab from its own shamelessness. At one point, the Griswold gang watches in horror as a cow thoughtlessly eats the entrails of another cow. You’ll know just how they feel.



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Friday August 21 2015
99 mins

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John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein
John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein
Leslie Mann
Chevy Chase
Ed Helms

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4 out of 5 stars

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If you like films such as Ted and Meet the Fockers, then you'll love it.  After seeing Time Out's 1 star review, we were a bit hesitant to go and see it, but having enjoyed the originals, we thought we would give it a punt anyway.

The film has a lot of crude humour, so will not be to everyone's taste but there were a lot of funny cringy moments in it and my husband was in tears of laughter several times during the film.


Despite a great cast, the likes we've seen in Anchorman and the original National Lampoon's Vacation movies, this sequel/reboot falls flat with a script full of labored, obvious jokes and crude humour. There are a couple of unexpected twists and funny shock moments but as seems to be the norm now, these were the funniest moments given away in the trailer to get bums on seats. Watch We're the Millers instead, it's kind of similar and far funnier.

This Time Out film review is so far off the beat of general opinion it`s shocking. Yet another arrogant, dismissive, completely-miss-the-point one star rating. Comedy of the Year.

I don't understand TO's one star review!!! The story isn't great, but the whole cast acts well and there are some unexpected jokes especially with the kids. I had low expectation, but I did laugh quite a bit even though some jokes are fairly crude. I thought this might be a blokes film but I've noticed lots of girls laugh in the cinema. It's a good silly film.


I haven't seen or even heard of the original Vacation so went along to the TimeOut Card preview screening of this movie with no expectations. The movie is a silly, silly movie but you expect that from the trailer. It was actually funnier than I expected it to be but a bit too much vomit/toilet humour for me! It's not a terrible movie but I would probably just wait for it to come out on Netflix, and then reserve it for a hungover Sunday.

An occasional bit of potty humour doesn't go amiss but a joke hinging on repeated misunderstandings of what a rim job is below the belt ;-). Only an uninhibited performance by the young boy (Steel Stebbins - got to be a made up name!) allowed to let rip with expletives and physical abuse of his elder brother rose to the giddy heights of passable.  More cringey than comedy, I'm not sure I'd even recommend it for a night in with a video.


I hadn't read the 1 star Time Out review before going to see this, or the original film, but I had seen the trailer and so knew what to expect; crude and mindless silliness. I felt some of it was in pretty poor taste, but overall it was quite funny, and delivered at a pace to keep you entertained. If you are picking which film to see and aren't sure if this will be your bag, the trailer should be a good litmus test. If you don't fancy watching toilet humour taken to extremes this probably isn't the film for you. Don't take your gran.

Vacation is not a great movie but is a funny one; that is if you like loud, crude, violent bad taste comedies. The main cast is terrible, Ed Helms just reprises his role from The Hangover series and Christina Applegate doesn't so much as phone it in but does it by text and then gets some expressionless robot to read it out for her, the script could well have been written by a child and some of the humour is borderline racist, That being said, the various cameos do enough to rescue it with Chris Hemsworth being a particular highlight and some of the slapstick is genuinely laugh out loud funny.  

This film did exactly what I wanted it to... made me laugh, cringe, groan in anticipated exasperation. It may not be top of the funny film list and I wouldn't necessarily be rushing to watch it again too soon but it was an easy watch and had everyone in the cinema laughing out loud. I haven't seen the original so maybe it doesn't work well as a sequel but I had a great evening and it put me in a great mood. In my eyes the sign of a good film! 

I actually think the critical reviews for this film have been way too harsh. It isn't big, it isn't clever but it is very funny- the majority of people in the audience at the screening I attended were laughing throughout which is always a good sign. There are some pretty good cameos from Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day amongst others and the 4 family members are all very well cast. The humour is puerile, more so than in the original film it's fair to say, but that doesn't mean it's not highly amusing at times. If it's broad comedy and laughs you're after, you could do an awful lot worse.  

I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I was laughing out loud for the whole time. Definitely worth seeing if you're in a mood for an easy humor.



After a twelve hour shift at work, wasn't too sure whether to go and watch this movie or go to sleep. It was a good atmosphere at Millbank and Ray introducing the movie was a delight as always. I was very pleasantly surprised, and it was actually better than the original movie. Very funny and crude in parts. I was glad I went and there were many laugh out loud moments, definitely go and see it for some light hearted comedy.

Fabulously funny!!! It's been a long time since I have seen a truly Laugh out loud film, but I found myself laughing on numerous occasions for the duration of the film and indeed the days to follow! Just from seeing the pre credits we knew we were in for a fun film and hilarious night ahead. Steele Stebbins (Kevin) was an absolute star, I can't wait to see him in his future films. A film not to miss for a Friday night laugh with the mates! 

I had reservations about how good this movie would be, but was pleasantly surprised! From the 'awkward family photo' style intro I was gigging and it just got funnier and funnier from there. Recommend it for anyone after a very entertaining, light hearted comedy.

If you want a good laugh, go see this. A few overly silly moments, but mostly 'laugh out loud' ones. If you're expecting intelligent humor, you'll be disappointed, but if you just want an easy laugh - this is it. I never watched the original and it really doesn't matter. Apparently, there were a few nods to it, but if you didn't know they were there, you didn't miss anything.

I had to give this five stars. I don't know when last a movie made me laugh out loud so frequently!

Cheesy, silly American films are seldom my thing, but this one has got it right, because it's not cheesy and it's not silly- it's genuinely funny.

I had no idea what to expect- I haven't even seen National Lampoon (this is the next generation film), so this completely took me by surprise.

It's feel-good and fun but done really well. The cast are brilliant: Ed Helms as the uncomplaining family man is faultless.

There are some hilariously shocking moments covering all bases (sickening, cringey, sexual, profanity and violence), and some over-the-top (who would roll their car several times with their family inside and just drive on?) but I enjoyed every minute.

This is probably my comedy of the year because it's going to take a lot to make me laugh like that again!

I had seen the trailer for Vacation,thought it looked really funny, but worried that they had shown the only funny parts of the film in the trailer, as often happens with comedy movies. I needn't have been worried - I laughed from start to finish! This film is excellent and if you loved The Hangover you should be sure to watch this. Yes it may be cringe-worthy at times but it all adds to the hilarity of the saga of their family Vacation. I have recommended this film so much already and I'm still laughing about bits of it now! I can't wait for it to come out at the cinema so that I can go and see it again with my friends!

As a remake or sequel of a classic movie, it might be disappointing for some, but for me, totally detached from the original, it was loads of fun! It shows a quirky and loveable family on a holiday trip (attempting to), against all odds along the way. It made me laugh a lot and I fully recommend it for a light, fun and warm-hearted comedy movie. Go for it!


Didn't know what to expect going into this but it was an absolute riot! Had me in stitches the whole way through and you'll like this if you enjoyed "We're the Millers". Worth a watch!

 It was an interesting night. I watched it with my ex-gf and it was a frosty scenario indeed. That, coupled with a smorgasbord of bad reviews online, made it almost certain that this film was going to be dire. The experience I actually had was quite different. We both laughed consistently throughout. It was cruder than the family scenario initially implied, and it had a fun "We're The Millers" vibe that I enjoyed. I had a blast with this movie. Don't expect anything special and you should have a proper giggle. For anyone who cares, when the movie was over my ex and I went back to being frosty. If it wasn't for this flick the evening would have been cold as ice!

Not a huge fan of the more recent comedy movies and didn't expect too much going into this. But i was surprised to enjoy it from start to finish, with even the opening and closing photo scenes causing a lot of laughs. Great atmosphere in the Millbank cinema and you could really tell that everyone enjoyed it. Its hardly going to win any awards for acting or intricate plot but compared to its competition of silly comedy films, its a breath of fresh air and has a few original ideas that keep it interesting

I was a bit dubious about this movie after seeing the reviews on IMDB but I was pleasantly suppressed by this enjoyable comedy.

I think too many people try and compare this to the original and yes if you had seen the first, there are many scenes which pay homage to the original Vacation. That film was done 32 years ago and although the original in my eyes is still the best I think people should take this for what it is which is a fun, stupid comedy. The only negative I would say is that the Chevy Chase cameo was poorly written for him and not funny.

If you like films like Van Wilder, We're The Millers and American Pie then I would recommend checking this out.

So much better than I expected. Loved the 'original' movies but wasn't expecting too much from this but laughed out aloud from start to finish. Great fun !

This is one of those Will Ferrell comedies but instead of Will Ferrell you have Ed Helms.

Easy to see, cheap laughs and if you're one of those that love fart jokes then you won't stop laughing.

If you are just needing to see a film that doesn't make you think and simply puts a smile in your face then this movie is for you.  


I didn't expect anything big from this movie, especially as i thought it might be a bit slapstick considering the trailer but I really enjoyed watching it. It's not a movie to get your brain thinking but perfect to munch away at some popcorn and roar with laughter alongside other movie goers. Everyone in the screening tonight was continuously laughing at the beyond crazy adventure the family in the movie experienced. I would highly recommend it, but go in with an open mind and expect some embracing laughter as some gross out moments! 

I read the one star review so went into to the Time Out Card screening with very low expectations. Perhaps that's the way to prime yourself for this movie. It did not take long before I laughed - and I was not alone. In fact the atmosphere tonight at Millbank towers was pretty giddy. Its no classic , and not all of the humour works or was to my taste. However, I like a bit of mindless fun every now and again. I left the building happy and could tell otters did too.