Waiting for Guffman

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Waiting for Guffman
First in a trio of fond satires on small-time strivers (Best in Show and A Mighty Wind being the others), Guest's spoof documentary tracks the earnest enthusiasm and goofy dedication of a ragtag troupe of amateur thesps putting on a musical - 'Red, White and Blaine' - in celebration of the anniversary of their hick town in Minnesota. Guest's effete Corky St Clair is the prissy master of ceremonies - a resident genius, if you believe his collaborators, who include Levy's vaudevillian dentist, Posey's toothy ex-Dairy Queen waitress, and another superlative turn from Willard and O'Hara as a Mr and Mrs team of travel agents. There are some raucous moments (Corky's hip-swivelling domestic dance moves are a sight to behold), but more often the comedy has the slow burn of a richly nuanced and non-judgmental character study.

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Release details

Duration: 84 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Christopher Guest
Screenwriter: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy
Cast: Deborah Theaker
Michael Hitchcock
Scott Williamson
Larry Miller
Don Lake
Christopher Guest
Fred Willard
Catherine O'Hara
Parker Posey
David Cross
Eugene Levy
James McQueen
Turk Pipin
Jerry Turman
Bob Balaban
Paul Dooley
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