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Humans land a raw deal when it comes to animations. We upright, two-legged creatures regularly have to give way to the superior intelligence or endless fascination of a deer or a dog or a penguin. It’s part of the bargain: we draw them, they make us look stupid.
And so it is with ‘Wall-E’, except this time we have only ourselves to blame. Pixar has drawn inspiration for this bold, bleak and often very beautiful film from the worst approximations of the future we’re shaping for our planet.

In Pixar’s previous film, ‘Ratatouille’, it was a sewer rat who brilliantly grabbed our attention and revolutionised French cuisine. For ‘Wall-E’, humans again take a back seat, and it’s a robot with a cube for a belly and binoculars for eyes who’s bleeping for our love. When we do, finally, encounter humans – living on a self-sufficient spaceship, waited on by robots, sucking on straws – they’re fat, sedentary, greedy and unpleasant.

Plus ça change: from Cruella de Vil to our fellow folk in ‘Happy Feet’, cartoons have always held a mirror up to our selfish instincts.This time it’s 2700, and we’ve polluted ourselves out of existence. The only humans left live a sterile, bloated life high above earth, where we decamp for the second, more frenetic and less inspired half of the film. But everything that comes before is magical. The only animate object left in the lifeless, rust-coloured, dusty landscape of urban desolation that we used to call earth is one tireless mechanical waste-collector called Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class). He lives in a cluttered container and spends his days buzzing about, piling up junk to look like skyscrapers or Mayan temples and sucking up sun for his solar panels. His only company is a lonesome cockroach.

So that’s one robot, a cockroach and a vision of earth gone to pot. This is a cartoon that offers an uncompromising, imaginative, angry portrait of the future. It’s daring in its simplicity: for the first 40 minutes, we watch in wonder as Wall-E goes about his business in near silence; it’s the sharp intelligence of the detail, always so painstakingly rendered, that most amazes. At one point, Wall-E finds an abandoned diamond ring in a jewellery box. What does he do with it? He throws away the ring and plays with the hinges of the container. Of course he does: hinges should fascinate more than precious minerals. Shame on us for not realising that before.

By rights, Wall-E shouldn’t be cute in the Bambi or Dumbo sense of the word: he’s battered and fading and the only noises he makes are computerised drawls not dissimilar to ET’s limited lingo. But Wall-E is alluring, and not because he’s got big eyes or dangling eyelashes but because he’s smart, hard-working, with a romantic side, and is hopelessly addicted to watching clips of Michael Crawford and Barbra Streisand in Gene Kelly’s ‘Hello Dolly!’ on a video screen. He’s everything we should have been if we hadn’t put all our energy into destroying the planet.
But none of this is preachy or obvious.

Environmental destruction is only the breathtaking backdrop to the film and it’s more the minimalism of Wall-E’s existence that fascinates. By the time a sleeker, feminine robot called Eve – who looks like an iPod shaped into a pepper-pot – arrives, we’re craving her company in sympathy with our mechanised friend. Pixar has done it again. I wonder a little what kids will make of the long silence of the first half followed by the disorienting mania of the second, but there’s nothing here that’s not wonderfully imagined and lovingly presented.

By: Dave Calhoun


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Rated: U
Release date: Friday July 18 2008
Duration: 0 mins

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Director: Andrew Stanton
Screenwriter: Jim Reardon, Andrew Stanton

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4.3 / 5

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Great movie about a robot that only wants love! Its so cute. Funny to see a future in which humans succumb to our gluttonous desires. An entertaining watch!


A fab Disney Pixar movie - fun filled family viewing which will make your heart melt a little whilst addressing the idea of the world being covered in rubbish!


whenever I'm sad about life - which thankfully isn't all that often - I think about Wall-E, and really just Pixar in general. not Cars though; never Cars! Wall-E is everything a film should be: it has a massive heart, an extremely valid message (given the weather the last few days) and it's in no way preachy. we should all look after the earth more, that's what it's saying. -look after what we have and don't be wasteful with it. a message we've all heard 8 thousand million times but when has it ever been told using a lonely robot, a little guy who finds beauty and mystery in trash and falls in love in the process. (I'm getting tingly just thinking about it!) and if along the way there's a message about corporate greed and consumption then why the hell not because he's Wall-E and he's in love!! but it's not a massive political propaganda film, it is as all Pixar films are, for everyone. remember crying when Andy went to college? my Mum did, because it was the same year I went away. and need I ask if you remember the opening montage of Up. Pixar gets the heart of all of us and Wall-E in my opinion does it the best. and to top it all off with the stunning cinematography you get from Pixar and you have the recipe for one of the greatest films ever made. it's ET for a whole new generation.


Really good movie with a lot of action, underlying important messages and fun (eventually).. but it seems so sad, perhaps a bit too emotional and meaningful for young kids? More one for the adults I think! Like a modern day ET it has a lot of heart, but I think some children would find it a tad boring.

it is the greatest movie I've ever seen, some people said it is bad but i think they saw another movie, i saw wall-e for 12 times and i still enjoy it

Wall-e is so good ,YOU CAN'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It is action packed and full of suprises.

Loved it! LOL at the cuteness and couldn't believe the robot romance. Friends were like "You're 14 for goodness' sakes!" but I enjoyed it and so did my little sis Rhiannon. Must see movie, I strongly disagree with some of the other comments who badmouth this hit.

I watched this with my 4yr old and 6 year old and we thought it quite wonderful. Afterwards we had a lot to talk about so it wasn't just entertaining, funny and heartwarming the layer of commentary about love, future, mankind, hope and salvation made it thought provoking too. I'd rather watch this than HSM 3 which the kids wanted to see but then we discovered was out the next day. I was secretly glad about that

I totally agree with flo. I am also thirteen but thought wall e was good the background was spectacular. I also think wall e's voice is sooooooooo cute!!!!

such a sweet film. perfect for the kids but even at 13 i still loved it. my mum and stepdad both saw it without kids, and they loved it. beautiful stunning film. the scene with wall-e and eva floating through space is just truly magical. a wonderful film


This is a REALLY GOOD FILM.... ! Well done Pixar ! The striking things about this film for me were; 1) The imagery of the Empty Earth / the first 40 minutes or so - this is pure sci-fi, great to see someone elses impression of what that might look like (not unlike the recent "I am Legend", although apart from the imagery I found this to be a poor film). 2) Pixar are really taking a chance with their audience - the eco aware generation could have nightmares about us trashing the planet. Well, this is what I would look like. As well as that, Americans (and the peoples of other 1st world countries) DO have very sedantry lives - full of adverts, time savers and short cuts. This film may wake its viewers up to the full consequences of that kind of lifestyle. As I said - Pixar taking a risk here. 3) The attachment WALL-E has to the imagery it constantly refers back too - the music and dancing of Michael Crawford in Hello Dolly. This is simply wonderful, and opens up many interpretations for the viewer. Quite brilliant. 4) The "love at first sight" WALL-E has for Eva had me hooked immediately too - because this "love" is somehow lifted from the music and pictures from Hello Dolly. The music is a strong reference point. 5) The last 30 minutes or so are much more routine Pixar/Disney - complete with inevitable happy ending. This was less satisfying - but it had to happen ! I viewed the film with my 5 year old son and he loved it. We adults also loved it. Outstanding, and outstanding too because unlike Toy Story, Incredibles, Nemo, Cars, etc - WALL-E takes risks. For this alone Pixar deserve a slap on the back.

The kids were mesmerised!! An amazing film with a great message. Humour, love, and social commentary. Excellent.

"it was brilliant - lots of good parts and funny parts and especially MO - always cleaning up. Now seen it twice, got the game, and the toys and bought the T-shirt " (Oliver age 6)

Look, the film as some people have been saying is, in terms of animation, fantastic, wall-e is a really touching film, but from many people I have spoken too it is too slow for young children, Infact I would say your child yould need to be at least 11 to fully appreciate this film, younger then that and they will soon get bored of the slow story line this film offers. From only being 15 my self, I liked it, although having 3 cousins aged 10, 9 and 8, I know for a fact the film can be boring for children without alot of patience and maturity. Overall a great film.

the buildup was quit boring but when eve came then it started to become interesting i would rate this movie the best all year

If you didn't like the silent 40mins at the start you must be a idiot. If a 20ft screen with a very wonderful and amazingly animated Wall E can not hold you attention, I question whether you should have had children.

I thought this film was great. I took my kids who are 4 and 7. After half an hour the 4 year old was bored and wanted to go home. We managed to stay until the mutiny broke out. I would love to find out what happened in the end!

A really great film full of emotions and so very funny a must see for all ages.

People who were 'bored' of this movie were either too young to appreciate it or just have strange taste, in my opinion. WALL•E was a mind-blowing, awe-inspiring work of art with beautifully rendered scenes and characters and carried an important message. It's another good example of using animation to bring to life the 'what ifs' in the world, if you get my meaning. If you find it 'boring' you've probably missed the point. I'm not even going to bother getting someone to pirate this, i'm waiting for the dvd so I can enjoy its gorgeous landscapes at full quality. One of Pixar's greatest.

Something different, and no bad thing for that. The broad vistas of a dying planet were particularly impressive. Not a film for belly laughs, but one to ponder on. Just because the film has a G certificate (or U in the UK) doesn't necessarily mean that it's aimed solely at children.

Brilliant and memorable. Pixar continues to amaze and is to be applauded by taking a chance on subject matter that is not for the kiddies. This film is touching, political and mesmerizing--but not what some erroneously expect from an animated feature. The humor is minimal and mainly satirical, and the first 30 minutes--without dialogue--is amazing. All the adults I know who saw it the first week were blown away because the movie charms its audience while making them think about this planet. Children will have mixed reactions because that is not the target audience--as "cute" as the Wall-E character might be. Others may be disappointed because they read the initial reviews and expected something lighter, perhaps. I know the old film giants used to say, "If you want to send a message, send a telegram," but this movie entertains and inspires--the best film I have scene this year.

i dnt know how ppl cna say this movie is a dissapointment...i loved every second of it and cant wait to see it again. its full of comedy, action, and romance, all i know is it left me near reaching for the screen at the back of the cinema... i loved this movie and would highly eccomend it to anyone thinking of a good night or day at the pictures.

This film looks really fantastic, sad, romantic & comedy 2 me! I can't wait to watch it next week, i seen all the Pixar films but i think this one will be better. I like WALL-E he's soooooo cute & Eve well i think shes cute 2! :D x x x x

This was a fantastic, heart-warming film. Not just because Pixar have managed to make us feel sympathetic towards a robot, who is very like Jonny 5 of the 80s but because in it's minimalist form, it sends out such a huge message in the right climate. The lack of dialogue I think only emphasises the loss we are inflicting on ourselves by doing such damage to the world. Every moment of the film is heart-warming, comical and serious at the same time appealing to all ages - how many films can claim that? I really love this film and think everyone who worked on it has done a fantastic job.

I thought it was an AMAZING FILM... THE BEST IN THE WORLD...WALL-E RULES !!! 999999 STARS !!!

this film is the best film ever it can tell the robots feelings and emotions it is also an adventure with wall.E and eve

I thought this film was amazing. The first half set on Earth blew me away, the endless towers of rubbish and desolution. The lack of dialogue was the best thing about this film. It meant the animation focused on the body language of the robots, adding a human emotion you don't see a lot of, a throw back to silent cinema. Although the film has the underlying themes of apathy the environment and globalisation it is a simple love story and it is the interaction of Wall-e and Eva that I really loved. The robots on the spaceship were brilliant too. The captains computer - a homage to HAL? The only negative thing I have to say is the ending. It felt like Pixar were almost brave enough to do the unthinkable but bottled it. Overeall a truly great film, one you must see in the cinema.

I LOVED THIS FILM!! who the hell is sayin it was all hype and a crap film?? it had quite a cool message about the human impact on the environment, and i quite liked the fact that there was no speech actually, with the robots that is, because i think it made them really adorable. ;-) a great and truly charming watch for all ages.

What part of saving the environment didnt people understand???? This film is brill and yes it does send a message out to our Kids....Think you may have been sitting in the wrong theater Sarah!!

Anyone of all ages will love this film, it's funny yet moving. The film will warn more children about obesity than any government film! The way the robots showed emotion without talking was incredible! A thrilling fusion of technology and human creativity. 9.5/10

I went to see the Film yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. What makes me laugh is all these adults saying it was boring?!?! Its a kids film get over it!! Every child I know who has really enjoyed it - Nuff Said!! Wall E is in a class of its own and I just can wait to buy it on DVD. 10/10

why do people keep saying it looks like jonny5? short circuit is a totally different film! get over it

Fantastic Film, well above your average animated disney films. A must see for all kids and adults!

I thought this film was going to be good, and it certainly lived up to expectations! Absolutely brilliantly crafted and another scalp on the movie industry by Disney/Pixar's 'Wall-E', If you like films, you really have to go and see this one, nothing like the typical animated stereotype that has surfaced over the last couple of years with hapless attempts like 'Bee-movie'. Raises real issues like that of rubbish building up everywhere and possibly one of the best quotes ever from a Disney film; "I don't want to just survive, I want to live". Simply breathtaking.

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