Westfront 1918

Film, Drama
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Pabst's first talkie offered a grim, humanitarian perspective on trench warfare, not unlike that in the almost contemporary All Quiet on the Western Front. Hardly any film since has given such an unremittingly horrific picture of warfare-in-action, from the agonising lulls to the surprise attacks, from harsh resilience to the release of madness or a death wish. The point is ultimately a simple pacifism, with all the political limitations that implies. But Pabst's brilliant tracking shots along the trenches, through ruins, and across no man's land, remain more haunting than anything in 'expressionist' cinema.

By: TR

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Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: GW Pabst
Screenwriter: Ladislao Vajda, Peter Martin Lampel
Cast: Gustav Diessl
Fritz Kampers
Claus Clausen
Hans Joachim Moebis
Gustav Püttjer
Jackie Monnier
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