What Changed Charley Farthing?

Film, Action and adventure
This very inevitable adventure comedy, involving the attempts of a group of expatriates to escape from a revolutionary island, shows off with an excess of loveable rascals: McClure as the fun-loving sailor who falls for Hayley's incomprehensible accent; Jeffries as her stepfather, the wily, scheming last outpost of the Empire; and Mitchell as a blaspheming Scot. The only notable points are that the numerous brawls serve as very obvious time-fillers, and that all three men prove fairly game at showing off their buttocks - indeed, McClure can scarcely be induced to keep his trousers on. Wild horses shouldn't drag you to this film, but if they do, you might find Jeffries' desperate mugging sufficient to stave off utter despondency.

By: CPe

Release details

Duration: 101 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sidney Hayers
Screenwriter: David Pursall, Jack Seddon
Cast: Doug McClure
Lionel Jeffries
Hayley Mills
Warren Mitchell
Dilys Hamlett
Alberto De Mendoza
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