Who'll Stop the Rain?

Film, Thrillers
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A traumatised Vietnam war correspondent can draw 'no more cheap morals' from the bloody absurdity around him. 'In a world where elephants are pursued by flying men, everyone's gonna want to get high' he reasons, as he blindly steps into the heroin business and joins the 'Dog Soldiers' of Robert Stone's novel and Reisz's excellent adaptation. Involving old buddy Nolte and his own wife Weld in his doomed dope deal, he precipitates a compelling chase through the corrupt moral wasteland of counter-culture/CIA-culture America. On the way, Washington power-play is mirrored in the casual sadism of the pursuers, and the conventional 'MacGuffin' role of the 2kg bag takes on a metaphorical charge. Reisz nimbly avoids the Big Theme style, finds the pace of his material early, and sustains it brilliantly, emerging with a contemporary classic of hard-edged adventure and three superb character studies.

By: PT

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Duration: 126 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Karel Reisz
Screenwriter: Judith Rascoe, Robert Stone
Cast: Nick Nolte
Tuesday Weld
Michael Moriarty
Anthony Zerbe
Richard Masur
Ray Sharkey
Gail Strickland
Charles Haid
David Opatoshu
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This movie just gets better each time I see it. Nolte and Tuesday Weld are outstanding in the roles handed to them. The feel of 1978 is all over this film, and it is the real deal for anyone who was there-SF or LA. The Bay Area, Topanga, the serious drop out hippie culture of Kesey and doctor Leary, with its hard edge on the fringes( a la Manson, ) its all there. I liked the Neal Cassady railroad track demise of Hicks. The difference is that he was trying to walk into mexico, and Cassady was trying to walk out, but they met the same fate. Great soundtrack, great mood, great acting, and a lot of moral and ethical questions flying around each development in the plot. 5 out of 5.

i`ve seen the movie when it came out and i like to see it again every so often. i suppose it might just be something personal, but there is a lot of movies that made the big bucks office which i have no desire to see twice. the picture has this raw objectivity and is very indicative of an era or a milieu within the era and the individual within this milieu. i think it falls into category of works such as 'boxcar bertha', ' mean streets ', 'dogday afternoon' - where individuals are firmly difined and people die not always for billions, king and country or high moral grounds but for seven dollars and some esoteric, elusive moral reasons that amount to spiteness maybe due to the fact that they do not even get the chance to show themselves at any 'higher' ground - yet how much physical and emotinal pain they are capable of enduring.