Widows' Peak

A peculiar concept, this hill where only single women and widows are permitted to live, but such a place forms the setting for director Irvin's first foray into comedy. Set in 1920s Ireland, it tells of a community of widows, spearheaded by Plowright, which is disrupted by the arrival of spirited war widow Edwina (Richardson, with American accent). Farrow plays the downtrodden Miss O'Hare who immediately takes a violent dislike to Edwina. Both seem to have a difficult past they want hidden, the unravelling of which forms a strong whodunit narrative and, ultimately, a clever plot twist. The robust characterisation of the trio is the film's main strength.

By: JBa

Release details

Duration: 101 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Irvin
Screenwriter: Hugh Leonard
Cast: Mia Farrow
Joan Plowright
Natasha Richardson
Adrian Dunbar
Jim Broadbent
Gerard McSorley
Tina Kellegher
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