Woman in the Moon

Film, Science fiction
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Lang's last silent movie was planned as another giant sci-fi film in the vein of Metropolis. It didn't work out like that, partly because the design and trick-work are cramped and unimaginative, partly because Thea von Harbou's script centres on the exceedingly banal character conflicts on board the first rocket to the moon. As a result, it looks considerably more dated than other Lang silents: it's badly acted melodrama, and the sci-fi trimmings remain entirely secondary. One scene is distinguished by Lang's magnificent sense of spatial drama: the actual launching of the rocket. Otherwise, it's chiefly notable for being one of the rare Lang movies with a deliriously happy ending.

By: TR

Release details

Duration: 14 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Fritz Lang
Screenwriter: Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang
Cast: Gerda Maurus
Willy Fritsch
Fritz Rasp
Gustav von Wangenheim
Klaus Pohl
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