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4 out of 5 stars
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Wonder Woman

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4 out of 5 stars

The comic-book world's most famous female superhero finally gets her own movie – and it's an action-packed belter

Before seeing ‘Wonder Woman’, I got a sinking feeling. It’s been more than a decade since a woman headlining a superhero film saved the world. I had visions of middle-aged male studio execs huddled together in a conference room Googling feminism and group-thinking how to make a lady-hero. Would the result feel like a two-and-a-half-hour tampon advert? Actually, no. ‘Wonder Woman’ feels like the real deal, a rollicking action adventure in the tradition of ‘Indiana Jones’, with a fully functioning sense of humour and the year’s most lip-smackingly evil baddie.

It has a wobbly opening on a women-only island where hot chicks in fabulous Ancient Greek sandals appear to have wondered in from a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. This is Themyscira where the Amazon tribe have lived in peace for thousands of years. Actress and former Miss Israel Gal Gadot (Gisele in the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise) is their princess, Diana (Wonder Woman), who was sculpted from clay and brought to life by Zeus. The island’s tranquillity is broken by the arrival of a cocky American soldier played by ‘Star Trek’ actor Chris Pine, who is adorable. He knows he’s here as eye-candy and does smoking-hot sexy sidekick with a good sense of humour.

The plot is functional. It’s World War One and Pine is an American spy who has discovered that evil German chemist Dr Maru (Elena Anaya) – aka Doctor Poison – is cooking up a dirty bomb to wipe out Allied soldiers on the Front. Wonder Woman volunteers to save humankind, strapping on her bullet-repelling bracelets and truth lasso.

Unlike Batman, Wonder Woman is not plagued by doomy angst. She’s good and kind, with a strong moral compass. A complex female character? Not exactly. But Gadot (who is ex-army and knows her way round a fight sequence) never lets her become bland and simpering. Though she is very nearly outstaged by Anaya as Doctor Poison: with her mask and haunted expression that suggests a twisted, blackened soul, they should hire Anaya for the next Bond film.

So this is an origin story – set yonks before last summer’s ‘Batman v Superman’, in which Gadot made her Wonder Woman debut. It’s also a million miles from the moody dull-fest of ‘Batman v Superman’. Director Patty Jenkins lets the sunshine in. The showdown punch-up at the end drags a little, but the whole thing is carried along by charm and humour. The fish-out-of-water scenes as Wonder Woman arrives on Earth are hilarious. In London, she asks Pine’s loyal personal assistant what a secretary does. She’s horrified by the answer: ‘Where I’m from that’s called slavery.’ This really is Wonder Woman coming to the rescue of the DC Comics universe

By: Cath Clarke



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Friday June 2 2017
141 mins

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Patty Jenkins
Allan Heinberg
Robin Wright
Gal Gadot
Chris Pine
David Thewlis

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If you are looking for a superhero film that portrays women in a super positive way, then look no further than Wonder Woman. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is an amazon, she is strong, powerful, independent and does not need the help of any other superheroes to make it. The film presents the origins of how Diana became Wonder Woman, blending history with present. The film's plot is extremely interesting, it may not be very faithful to the original comics, however, in this age where woman are misrepresented and stereotyped in many Hollywood films, Wonder Woman is the film that reverses the stereotype, posing itself as an emblem of girl power.


Well what can I say here... that she's the hottest woman on earth and I was totally mesmerised by her throughout? Correct.  Am I delighted to see a female heroine crushing it at life and making her male sidekick look like small fry pee-wee who couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight? Yes. Despite this, I have to call out how dreadful the storyline and the acting is in this movie. The battle and fight scenes are impressive, sure, but nothing else really stood out for me and I left disappointed. 


Who cares if it's a bit cheesy, a bit overdone? Just LOOK at her!

Seriously though, the last time I felt this excited about a superheroine was when I was about six or seven and addicted to Sailor Moon (which I am definitely not now. Uh-huh). Gal Gadot is fantastic. She is also basically the perfect woman (Mila Kunis just lost her crown on my top list!) with her beautiful, dark eyes and hair and a face that screams of her modelling past. Besides, she was in the army. And, you know, now she's Wonder Woman. Badass.

She is the perfect pick for the role - not only is she athletic and has a gorgeous foreing accent (UGH!), she acts with the right amount of innocence needed for this part. I actually found the story quite interesting - love a bit of mythology in the mix - and I'm okay with fight scenes too if they lead to something. Yeah, shame about captain Kirk, who I just can't warm up to in any role at all, ever, but the rest of the gang is just fine.

You've got history, myths, DC and a badass female in the lead - I just don't see what's not to like. 


Gal Gadot is the best thing in the film, which is good, she’s playing Wonder Woman. She is perfectly cast as the Amazon hero and she does it with grace and conviction. Her first blast as WW I was a bit moved by it. We don’t have enough female super hero’s, we really don’t. I love that genre be it in film, cartoon or comic form, I consume it in one way or another. I always have. I grew up with the Tim Burton Batman as a template for what was to come. I was excited. By the time Batman and Robin came out, I was dubious, but never stopped supporting the superhero, especially DC, cause. That being said, I have grown weary of it all with Marvel consistently selling the next film and bit of merch from film to film never giving us a satisfying ending. I am weary of all the colour being drained out of the DC films, grittifying and dullifying some of the best outfits and extremities the DC Universe has to offer. I feel so meh. Wonder Woman stands as an ok film that sits firmly in the mess of DC superhero films. Starting with our tenuously linked ‘Postcard from Batman moment’ giving our female lead a beginning that is served to us from her male counterpart, not the best start. The narrative was loose and the fight scenes epic. With a WW1 re-imagining where Wonder Woman existed felt lazy. I think they forget that a bad guy/gal can be anything and the film avoided the fantastical until it’s last inth. I also didn’t like how her love interest, Steve Trevor, seemed to be depicted as somewhat more heroic and she was very driven by him leading the way. I think it could have been approached differently. It’s Hollywood having a stab at feminism and it’s a shallow cut. They should have just picked a corker of a story from the comics and told it, had more of Wonder Woman being in charge and doing her thing on her own, that’s what I wanted. Maybe, even if a lady has super powers and cracking looks, she still just needs a man to keep on the straight and narrow…and change a light bulb. *Vomit*! I give this three stars because it’s not terrible but it’s also nothing to write home about…unless it’s a bit scathing. 


I am not entirely sure I watched the same film as the other reviewers; I thought this film was slow and boring and easily the worst super hero movie I've ever seen if not the worst in existence.

I watch action movies for, unsurprisingly, some action and there was serious lack of that in this film.

I feel like the excitement of a female hero has addled people's brains so much that they are willing to accept absolutely dross as long as it's sold as progress. It's not. It's a rubbish film that happens to have a female lead.


Action packed, who wouldn't want to be wonder women! Unmissable and best watched on the big screen with surround sound :) Excellent movie experience


Gal Gadot truly is a Wonder Woman.

What a film, what a beautiful, astounding film. Wonder Woman is just magnificent, everyone needs to see it.

I'm so glad that Gal Gadot is the Wonder Woman. I remember in one of her interviews where she was almost leaving the acting world, but then got a phone call for a casting. A casting for a film where she didn't even have a clue what it was for.

Gal Gadot is stunning, powerful, intoxicating, impressive and truly wonderful.

She's the Wonder Woman of the world and this role has changed her acting career in unimaginable ways possible.

I've seen children cry over her role. She has become one of the most influential actresses of all time. I'm so pleased for her, she really does deserve it.

I was transfixed all the way through, it had such incredible, suspenseful moments throughout the film.

It is an in depth story of how Wonder Woman came to be. It shows you how this strong, captivating, feminine figure conquered the world.

The opening scenes were quite magical, a beautiful island protected by the Amazons.

Princess Diana (Gal Gadot), princess of the Amazons trained to be the best of her people to one day go out there in the world and face the God of War Ares (David Thewlis).

His role was rather surprising, he did very well indeed to accomplish two roles.

Gadot is an ultimate warrior that displays courage and strength like no other female superhero.

She ain't here to play games. Her stunts and her every move is extraordinarily sublime.

What a woman indeed.

There is no hiding her skill when it comes to achieving her goals.

The costumes are fantastic and styled perfectly. The details of the Amazons attire to the more traditional fashion is executed immaculately. Remarkable work by Lindy Hemming.

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is great in the film, he becomes quite attached to Gadot's character. The ending was too much for me, so emotional.

I wasn't expecting that at all.

I literally cried so much. I thought they did amazing work together.

Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya) is perfect. She plays this character very well.

I also loved Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), Diana's mother and Antiope (Robin Wright). Two very strong characters in the film.

It was a lovely surprise to see Doutzen Kroes in the film. She's part of the Amazons tribe.

This is an action packed movie to be seen by all. I've fallen in love with this film. I'm so excited for what comes next for the Wonder Woman. I really want to see more of Gal Gadot.


Love MD.


Womder Woman is a whole lot of fun - with Gal Gadot making an incredible superhero, propped up by the also gorgeous Chris Pine. 

I'm not really one for superhero and comic films but I was blown away by this, effortlessly combining action with humour and thrills. The settings are wonderful, and it's directed incredibly well. The fight scene towards the end was a little long for my liking, but luckily didn't take anything away from an incredible movie.


Wow wow wow...... Wonder woman indeed!! Let me start off with the fact that the female protagonist is beautiful which makes the movie a pleasure to watch in general.... But then you have Chris pine who is also equally beautiful.... I mean you just know its going to be enjoyable!!

Then the storyline itself is solid and full of action... The fighting scenes reminded me of my all time fav movie "300" ..... It was an absolute pleasure to witness these actors do their jobs so damn well! Couldn't recommend it enough .


Wonder Woman is a (mostly) great movie.

As a character, Diana is sympathetic, and Gal Gadot is brilliant in the role. Chris Pine is also well cast as her counterpart. The design work is beautiful and the story is pretty unproblematic.

My main issue with the film was the grand superhero battle at the end. I know it is a prerequisite for this kind of film at the moment, but here it was totally unnecessary. The rest of the story was clever and sensitive, but having the big-fight-with-all-the-explosions seemed to cheapen things a bit: it added nothing.

Overall, though, Wonder Woman is well worth watching.

WonderWoman by Ivette Fred-Rivera

I liked the movie, somehow.

The best: Diana. The worst: she is the only interesting character throughout the movie. A movie cannot be run by a single character. The partner Steve, boring. The other characters, fools. It is even insulting to women, in general, that a woman can be a hero only because she is running alone, instead of being the best among the best.

Curiously enough, the best lines of Diana are quotes from Achilles in the Iliad of Homer, specially from Book I. She is as brave as he is. At the front defending her army on the battlefield. That's why I think director Patty Jenkins should have chosen Brad Pitt as the actor who did Steve's character. Brat knew in Troy how to capture Aquilles’s braveness and would have made a more balanced performance as a real counterpart. Besides that Gal Gadot and Brat Pitt would be killing!

The film appears in two parts in terms of the use of technology. In the first part (first hour), it’s fairly basic and rudimentary, it reminds me of the Clash of the Titans (1981) with Greek gods flying in such an improbable, comic way. That's partly why the first hour is boring. It is too long too. I was about to leave. It is as if, for mythology, there was no real technology. This is strange. I also do not like that the director Jenkins does not cut a breast of the Amazons. Taking off a breast so that the armor, the bow, fit them well, showed their commitment to war, not with motherhood or with the yoke of marriage. That’s why Amazons were feared as well as desired by Ancient men. I guess the idea was that it was sexier a Diana with her two breasts. Though Diana's relationship with her aunt and teacher is great; it is the best of the first hour. The second part (second hour) uses the technology excellently, showing very well Diana’s battles, her prowess.

In terms of politics, the film is quite flat. The demonized Germans vs the others, angels, of the Great War. The tv series was more layered in this sense.

Diana redeems the movie. I admire her bravery. Her innocence: to really believe in justice for its own sake, and for her ethos of saving mankind despite its undeservedness. This Diana is a combination of the Greek Arete (valor) with the Franciscan and Christian compassion.


So, I'm a little bit (a lottle bit) of a feminist. I was caught somewhere in between mildly excited for a superhero film that FINALLY HAD A FEMALE AS THE LEAD and expecting it to be a circus-show of a beautiful, scantily clad woman beating up some non-superhumans whilst always looking utterly flawless. If you need a reference point to what I'm imagining, I'm looking at you Michael Bay for directing Rosie Huntington Whitley in Transformers three. 0.o

Anyways, this was not that. Gal Gabot plays Diana with such strength, charisma and just all-around awesome-ness. Somehow, she perfectly expressed what it feels like to be a woman - both loving, thoughtful and strong, bada** and willing to take on the world. Whilst Wonder woman is obviously incredibly beautiful, her sex appeal was (in my opinion) not played through a male gaze. Admittedly, it is still never fully explained why her warrior costume is so skimpy. The lack of armor is actually detrimental in one scene... Anyways. 

Everything about this film was fun and exciting. There are a few particularly cheesy moments, so just prepare yo'self for that. Actually, just lean into the cheese and it'll be all the more enjoyable. 



Wonder Woman opened to huge praise and record breaking numbers, so I went in with a lot of expectation for the movie. Natalie Portman was excellent as Diana and the rest of the star-studded cast was perfect too. The on-screen chemistry (without excessive love scenes which plagues many other superhero titles) was just the right amount and the focus was indeed the storyline and the action. I definitely recommend watching the film in 3D for the various action sequences and also the jaw-dropping landscape of that Amazonian land (is that place real?!!?). I can't wait for the next one!


I was worried this would be a misogynistic perception of what "wonder woman" should be and look like but fortunately I was really wrong. There's the island full of women which has a wide range of different characters from the fighters to the queens but all are strong and capable women. I particularly enjoyed Wonder Woman's confusion with her discovery of "our world" with it's gender stereotypes and misogyny and it really puts feminism in simple terms. But don't make the mistake of thinking this is a feminist film. It's still an enjoyable yet somewhat forgettable superhero origins film just with a very capable woman as the lead instead of a male. I found it longer than it needed to be but it was still very watchable so I'd certainly recommend it.


Wonder Woman counquers 'No mans land'.

Powerful film that shows Wonder Woman in full strength, beauty and leadership. It is action packed and full of women empowerment. - who needs Batman or Superman? I'm definitely a fan!


I'm not always the biggest fan of superhero movies, but this one ticked all the boxes.  Classic superhero film format, this goes back to old school way of making these kind of movies.  Plenty of charm, light hearted and fun it's great to see a female lead in an adventure story like this.

Set in World War One, Diana comes from an island with some very naive views.  Despite this she is a good mixture of strong and vulnerable.  The acting was well done and was well put together with beautiful cinematography.  You won't be surprised how this film goes, it is typical Hollywood and superhero but it's definitely worth a watch.  I left with a smile on my face and would definitely give it a second watch.


This was an enjoyable film – not too taxing on the brain. It was good to see the Amazon backstory of how Diana grew up. I particularly enjoyed their battle against the Germans. This film takes a humorous turn when Diana goes to London. It’s great to see her and Steve round up a team to help them on their mission, including Spud from ‘Trainspotting’. Plus every fight Wonder Woman fight is entertaining. However the finale fight between her and Ares, though awesome to watch, had lazy dialogue, with them ping pong arguing why mankind should be saved or not. I would have liked to see Ares turn into a bit of a monster or at least more of a tough nut when he transformed from his human persona, which was a bit old man and unbelievable. Still the film overall was pretty cool. Thankfully in this version there wasn’t any chloroform or transform twirling in sight. 


Surprisingly good and heartfelt story that kept me gripped. Action, Humour and the right amount of realism to make it feel more than a DC money churner. The story got a bit predictable as it went on but it really sets up some future ideas and wets the appetite for the Justice League!

Worth a watch, so much better than the new films they have been doing recently.


Watching this movie made me feel like a young girl again and the phrase "Representation Matters" felt a lot more real to me than it ever had before. It was so unbelievably empowering to see such a strong female lead in a film of this magnitude.  We've got miles to go still  of course and it's a DC Comics movie so if you're looking for Academy Award material you won't be happy but I would still recommend women and men go watch it, if just for supporting female leads and female directors and furthering the cause. 

I really enjoyed the plot. It's engaging and interesting and the acting was funny and genuine. Chris Pine and Gal Gadot have good chemistry and work well as a team. Obviously it will not be realistic and a lot of things will be exaggerated (but it's a superhero film, people!) so I stress you should expect tons of cheesiness and tons of emphasis on the healing power of love. If you're gagging already then skip! Otherwise drag your ass to the cinema and rejoice in some badass women kicking some serious ass.  


It's an enjoyable blockbuster, with decent action sequences, attractive young leads and solid score. Chris Pine is excellent and Gal Gadot has Goddess qualities in abundance

However, did have some issues with the plot, namely the rewriting of World War I and the lack of both astonishment at Diana/Wonder Woman's actions and adulation in the aftermath seemed odd - considering she single-handedly ended the war. 

It does fall back on many film tropes but my biggest concern was that they painted WW as a fierce warrior but ultimately one that requires the love (of a man) to truly realise her potential. Progress made on the female superhero front, but not quite there yet


If you’re in possession of a pair of ovaries and come out of this film without feeling like you can totally take on the world, I suggest you turn right back around, go back in and re-immerse yourself once more in Patty Jenkin’s brilliant film. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men aren’t going to engage with it but honestly, if a man comes out of a standard superhero film and feels like they’re invincible then as a woman, you’re gonna completely understand why that happens when you come out of this particular movie.

Starting on an island wholly populated by incredibly strong & compassionate & intelligent women, we meet the young Diana along with her spectacularly awesome mother (Connie Nielsen) and aunt (Robin Wright). The resolute peace that pervades their lives is shattered by the arrival of soldiers from the outside including a brilliant Chris Pine who, in a similar way to Chris Hemsworth in ‘Ghostbusters’, totally understands that he’s there as a hot, humourous piece of side-kick eye candy and does it with style.

When Diana journeys back to the ‘real world’, we get comedy as she tries to dress appropriately, we get fantastically adventurous set pieces worthy of the very best 90’s action films and we also get moments that are truly moving. I welled up when the first battle scene hit the island and again later on when we venture into ‘No Man’s Land’. Maybe it’s because the world in which we currently live is in such a state of pain, anger, fear & despair but the film felt incredibly relevant and therefore, heart-breaking when swathes of peace were pierced by moments of violence.

Some of the characters felt a tad under-used (Danny Huston) and I’d like to have got to know more about them (Elena Anaya’s Dr. Poison) but it was great to see the always excellent David Thewlis and a nearly unrecognisable Lucy Davis. Gal Gadot is the perfect blend of being the woman men want to be with and women want to be. She’s also completely non-threatening which is hugely important in a movie where the central character is a tall, leggy and utterly gorgeous female.

I spent the first half of the film wanting to be Robin Wright and the second half wanting to be Gal Gadot. I spent the entirety of the film though wanting to be strong and fierce and untouchable – if that’s not the best message for anyone to take into real life, I don’t know what is. It's totally fantastic and I absolutely loved it.


Take Marvel's Thor and add some of their Captain America brew, combine with a pinch of humour and a lot of gorgeous leading lady and you'be got the delicious Wonder Woman.

This is DC's best film since The Dark Knight and it feels like the lessons from Batman v Superman have been learnt. It's fun, the fight scenes are great, the characters are fleshed out, it has an awesome baddie and plenty of the actual Wonder Woman - not just lots of back story.

It's a blast!


If you excuse the over the top vfx superhero film ending, the rest of the film is a gem of women who support each other, of cute comedic moments and great chemistry between the leads. Gadot also looked gorgeous in all of her outfits.


Gal Gadot perfectly filled the boots of Wonder Woman. Definitely worth watching whether or not you are into DC comics. The final fight scene drags on a little but overall Wonder Woman holds her own amongst the many DC comics films.


Gal Gadot is a beautiful, believable Wonder Woman! Chris Pine doesn't do too badly either. Together they find and attack the bad guys. There is clever CGI, plenty of action and a good story-line. Marginally too long but the pros most definitely outweigh the cons.


I wasn't expecting a lot. I loved the 70's series, I grew up watching it every Saturday. Gal Gadot was a superb choice and really created a believable character. A good plot, but too long, too many slow moments. Could have been trimmed by 15 mins and it would have beans much better paced. Some dodgy CGI sadly but worth the effort.


A successful narrative based on a legendary DC Comics superhero, young and beautiful actors, impressive landscapes, and a strong moral based on love and gender equality: no doubt that Wonder Woman has all the ingredients to become the blockbuster of 2017.

Yet, the choice of adding some contextual elements to it is difficult to understand, and even seems to limit the emotional impact. 

The action is thrown into the First World War, with a focus on chemical experiments that confusingly remind the Second. The world that Diana saves from evil after leaving her idyllic island of female Amazon warriors is depicted as immutably ruled by men. Therefore why attributing some of the most heroic actions to male characters (led by Chris Pine), and adding more stereotypes than needed, from an angry, German war leader to a naïve, clumsy women secretary?

Despite efficient, lugubrious music and Matrix-like special effects, the result is somehow frustrating, giving the impression of a film falling into the clichés it is trying to denounce.