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A British horror picture incompetent enough to be prime drive-in fodder, if only we had such a thing, this throws together in random fashion a mish-mash of all the half-remembered elements from recent hungry alien films. Telekinesis, melting telephones, randy au pair girls getting sliced in the shower, pumas in the living-room, and - nastiest scene of the month - a woman giving birth to a fully-grown man, who then bites off his own placenta. The Xtro creature is a warty lizard which snatches family men off to its space craft for three years at a stretch; but its greatest service to mankind seems to be a taste for eating the drivers of Volvo estate cars, which is very heartening. CPea.

By: CPea

Release details

Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Harry Bromley Davenport
Screenwriter: Iain Cassie, Robert Smith
Cast: Bernice Stegers
Philip Sayer
Danny Brainin
Simon Nash
Maryam D'Abo
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