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Five weird and wonderful things to do at Glastonbury festival

Along with all the music, there's plenty to keep you busy on Worthy Farm

Maybe it's the links to druid culture or just the presence of thousands of people getting weird in a field, but it's fair to say that Glastonbury Festival is home to some pretty strange goings-on. We say: the stranger the better. Here's our pick of the most out-there experiences you can have on Worthy Farm this year.
Earn your way into heaven

1. Earn your way into heaven

This year, the people behind Shangri La – Glastonbury’s most infamous after-hours area – have given a devilish theme to their field: the seven circles of hell. You’ll have to trick the admin angels to let you into Shangri La’s secret Garden of Eden. Get theatrical, and you’ll fast track your way into instant absolution – but these angels aren’t easy. Make your way to the Desk of Judgement to see if you can pass through to heaven.
Make your own wizard’s staff

2. Make your own wizard’s staff

Head down to the Green Fields and you’ll find yourself at the centre of druidic England, complete with giant wicker structures (hopefully, none of them containing Edward Woodward). Veer into the Craft Fields and the use of a kiln or a forge or even a treadle sewing machine is available to anyone who shows a keen interest. We recommend making your own staff for that authentic Gandalf the Grey look.
Visit the Arctic Circle

3. Visit the Arctic Circle

Okay, yes, Glastonbury isn’t anywhere near the North Pole, but Greenpeace have attempted to bring the icy tundra to Worthy Farm this year as part of their Save The Arctic campaign. Visit their field to look inside the Arctic Dome, or take a dip in their hot springs and plunge pools.

Get down with the kidz

4. Get down with the kidz

Taking your little ones to Glastonbury this year? Not a problem, Eavis has it covered. Open from 9am until 7pm daily, the Kidz Field is a playground that even the adults won’t want to miss. It’s home to a castle, aliens, bubbles, clowns, swing boats, roundabouts and awesome explosions. The Big Top – thrown in for good measure – will also be hosting slapstick and silliness from the crew at CBeebies.
…or get on up with the English Disco Lovers

5. …or get on up with the English Disco Lovers

You might have seen the EDL getting a lot of press recently – but this group of funky stalwarts aren’t the right-wing group you’re thinking of. The English Disco Lovers are a counter movement to the English Defence League with a manifesto to promote ‘equality, respect and the eutopian vision of disco!’ Make your way to the Pussy Parlure on Saturday night for their truly spectacular party.

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