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Most anticipated movies of 2013

From a Superman reboot to a documentary on The Shining, here are a dozen movies that we're looking forward to in 2013.
The year 2012 was one full of superheroic blockbusters, art-house auteurism and star-driven dramas. But 2013 promises…well, more superheroic blockbusters, art-house auteurism and star-driven dramas. Still, the next 12 months are brimming with potential greatness, and we present a dozen of 2013 movies that can’t hit theaters fast enough. Click the right arrow on the image above to see our most anticipated movies of 2013.
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Spring Breakers A magnet for gap-mouthed stares at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Harmony Korine’s trash-culture fantasia—about a quartet of bikini-clad coeds who go on a crazy Floridian rampage—is the year’s dumbest delight. As if this movie couldn’t get any more glorious, a cornrowed James Franco plays a wanksta sugar daddy. March 22
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Room 237 Stanley Kubrick attracts more than his share of obsessive fans, but when you hear the Shining-related theories of this documentary’s quintet of loonies (did the famous director fake the Apollo moon landing?), you might come to value your time spent in the sunlight. Still, the movie is endlessly fascinating as a portrait of cinephilia gone wild. March 22
Most anticipated movies of 2013: To the Wonder Remember when Terrence Malick made a movie every 20 years or so? The polarizing auteur rapidly follows up 2011’s The Tree of Life with another spiritually tinged tale, this time about Ben Affleck getting caught in a love triangle. April 13
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Before Midnight It’s been nine years since Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy left their Before Sunset characters in Paris; Richard Linklater’s third entry picks up as the couple reunites in Greece. Will they finally end up together? Spring
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling teams up with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, this time playing a gangster running a boxing club in Thailand. Given the gruesome shiner he’s sporting on the movie’s poster, we’re guessing he pisses off the wrong person. Expect an American release date shortly after its European run in May. Early summer
Most anticipated movies of 2013: The Great Gatsby We’re dying to see what the ADD-inclined Baz Luhrmann has made of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s time-honored novel about the Roaring ‘20s. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby; another Jay (-Z) is doing the soundtrack; and the whole film is shot in 3-D. May 10
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Star Trek Into Darkness After achieving the impossible and rebooting the franchise without alienating the Comic-Con crowd, director J.J. Abrams kicks the series into a darker Wrath of Khan mode, with British baddie Benedict Cumberbatch set to unleash galaxywide damage. May 17
Most anticipated movies of 2013: A Hijacking If you see only one movie about hostages on the high seas this year, make it Danish filmmaker Tobias Lindholm’s sleeper hit from 2012’s Toronto fest: a nail-biting procedural about a cargo ship’s crew held for ransom. June 7
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Man of Steel Watchmen director Zack Snyder hopes to do for Superman what Christopher Nolan did for Batman, recasting Krypton’s No. 1 son as a morally conflicted young man struggling with the responsibility of upholding truth, justice and the American way. June 7
Most anticipated movies of 2013: World War Z The dead don’t walk the earth—they barrel across it in a rotting-corpse tidal wave. We’ll forgive Marc Forster for Quantum of Solace if this Brad Pitt star vehicle about a global zombie pandemic lives up to its kinetic trailer. June 21
Most anticipated movies of 2013: The World’s End The ever-inventive Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) reteams with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for this comic-apocalyptic tale of five pub-crawling friends who have to save the world. October 25
Most anticipated movies of 2013: Anchorman: The Legend Continues What do we love? Well, to quote the already classic original, we love poetry and a glass of Scotch. And the fact that every major player—from Steve Carell’s brain-dead weatherman to Vince Vaughn’s covetous Wes Mantooth—will be returning for the sequel. December 20
By David Fear, Joshua Rothkopf and Keith Uhlich

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