Shaun the Sheep Movie

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4 out of 5 stars
Shaun the Sheep Movie

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4 out of 5 stars

Shear cuteness.

Only Aardman Animations—the British creators of Wallace & Gromit and other lovable, moldable claymation characters—could find an irresistible movie to be made about the story of an amnesiac farmer and his flock at loose in the big city. Much of the beauty of this big-hearted, stop-motion caper (a spin-off of an insanely successful BBC kids series) is the entire absence of decipherable language. Instead imagine grunts, mumbles, bleats and screams as Shaun the Sheep tries to engineer a day off from Mossy Bottom Farm but causes his bewildered owner to bang his head and wander off into the unnamed metropolis (which looks a lot like England’s Bristol, where Aardman has its HQ). 

Amid the chaos, it’s sometimes hard to work out exactly which sheep is Shaun, but that doesn’t matter when there are great slapstick scenes in a hospital, a hair salon, a fancy restaurant and an ominous animal pound. Maybe an hour would have been enough, yet even the slower patches have charm to burn.



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Release date:
Wednesday August 5 2015
85 mins

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Mark Burton, Richard Starzack
Mark Burton, Richard Starzack

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