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Insomniac Invasion: Cornerhouse screens an all-nighter of sci-fi classics

Fantastic Voyage

If you're one of those people who watches back-to-back episodes of box-sets or TV shows on Netflix and gets to a real cliffhanger in 'Battlestar Galactica' ('She's a frackin cyborg?') only to realise it's 3am and you've got work in six hours but presses 'play' for the next episode anyway, then you're the kind of insomniac who should be invading Cornerhouse this weekend.

Why? Because you can watch six classic sci-fi films over one glorious night as Cornerhouse turns itself over to 'Insomniac Invasion', part of the BFI's 'Days of Fear and Wonder' season.

Starting at 9pm and going right through until 9am, you can enjoy camp fun, pumping action and thought provoking predictions watching:

The Terminator
James Cameron's low budget classic with Arnie at his most iconic as a future cyborg sent back to in time to kill the mother of the child who will lead a human rebellion, before she's even had him. Arnie will indeed be back, as a further sequel is being filmed now.

Flash Gordon
Sci-fi doesn't really get much camper as Gordon flashes his biceps, Queen blast out the soundtrack and the special effects still look fabulous. And there's even Brian Blessed witha huge pair of wings. Not to be confused with Flesh Gordon, which wasn't quite as camp.

Fantastic Voyage
A top Russian scientist is critically wounded after defecting to the West. The only hope of saving him lies in miniaturising a surgical team and injecting them into his bloodstream to operate on his blood clot. A classic of Sixties pop cinema which still manages to keep Racquel Welch's hair immaculate despite the gunge.

Ishiro Honda’s undisputed classic has defined the monster movie for decades and spawned a sub-genre of Japanese filmmaking.The fearsome prehistoric beast Godzilla is woken from its slumber by atomic bomb tests and wreaks havoc across Tokyo. This is still the best version by far, knocking scales off the recent remake.

Late August at the Hotel Ozone
A dark, disturbing rarity, this post-apocalyptic story tells of a group of women under the charge of a woman born before the bomb. In a world in which they hardly ever come across men, what happens to this all female troupe when they meet an elderly gent?

The Tenth Victim
If you think 'The Running Man' or 'Hunger Games' were original, think again. Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress are selected at random by computer to fight 'The Big Hunt', a televised game designed to replace war by venting public aggression.

Insomniac Invasion
Sat Nov 15 - Sun Nov 16, 9pm

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