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Manchester's punniest shop names

Sherlock Homes

Everybody loves a bit of whimsical wordplay. Take a walk around Manchester and it won’t be long before you come across a shop-front bearing a pun. Our streets are rife with witticisms. From takeaways to hairdressing salons, there is a sign around every corner designed to make us chuckle. Here is a list of the most cleverly (or groan-inducingly) titled businesses that Greater Manchester has to offer.


Sherlock Homes

The game's afoot and first on our list is this super-sleuth lettings agency in Chorlton. If Sherlock can’t find your ideal home then nobody can. 


Only Food and Sauces

This pop-up burger van can be found at Old Trafford on match days. The design screams lawsuit, but fortunately the burgers don’t appear to be hooky. Lovely Jubbly. You know it makes sense.


Fatboy Trim's


This musically inspired men’s salon can be found in Shaw, Oldham. Although the proprietor is far from fat, scissors are said to be his 'Weapon of Choice'.


Hair Razors


Moving on to our second salon of the list. With branches in Salford, Swinton, Monton and Walkden, Hair Razors are a cut above the rest.


Thistle Dew Nicely


This attractive handcart can be found in various locations in the Greater Manchester area, including Bolton Railway Station where it can be seen here. Although the florist doesn’t have a shop to speak of, this travelling business is a blooming success.


Fan Boy Three


Hey, does anybody remember that band from the 80s? You know, the ones with the hair? This Northern Quarter gaming and collectors’ shop pays homage to flash-in-the-pan trio, ‘Fun Boy 3’. The band consisted of three former members of ska sensation The Specials, who teamed up with Bananarama for their 1982 smash hit. The shop’s tagline is 'It’s not what you play, it’s the way that you play it.' Ringing any bells now?

Vinyl Resting Place

This absolute winner of a pun can be found on the third floor of Manchester's hipster emporium Affleck’s Palace. It was apparently a toss-up between 'Vinyl Resting Place' and 'Vinyl Destination', but a shop in Coventry had already beaten the owner to the latter.


Doggie Stylez



Part pun, part innuendo, part questionable grammar, this Irlam dog grooming salon is a linguistic force to be reckoned with. It would seem that Doggie Stylez care not a jot for conventionality, with their Facebook page featuring a pretty sharp looking poodle with a purple barnet.


M.T. Belly's




Halal, is it meat you’re looking for? M.T. Belly’s is a halal takeaway with outlets in both Oldham and Bolton. Not only do they have a fantastic name, but there are a whopping 19 varieties of pizza to choose from.


Manchipster Plaice



This one is thrown in purely for good measure; it is so bad that it’s good. Manchipster Plaice can be found beside Manchester’s Printworks and is a Saturday night staple for hordes of local clubbers. Where else can you get chips at 4am in the morning? Although the food may be tasty, the wordplay leaves a lot to be desired. The 'Plaice' pun has been around for decades and is nothing to sneeze at. But 'Manchipster'? Really?



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