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You know you live in Chorlton when...

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Richard Frost

In recent years, the people of Chorlton have been treated to a seemingly endless stream of bar, restaurant and shop openings. Here we take a closer look at three of the more unusual additions.

You know you live in Chorlton when...

Your local curry house becomes a trendy wine bar…with its own wine vending machine
When Chorlton's oldest curry house, Azad Manzil, closed at the end of 2014, the obvious thing to replace it with was another curry house. However, wine expert Andy Leathley thought differently and decided to open a swish wine bar instead. The Cellar Key on Barlow Moor Road sells delicious sharing plates and more than 80 bottles of wine, but the star turn is tucked away at the back. That's right, The Cellar Key takes its wine so seriously that it's one of the first places in Manchester to have its own wine vending machine.

The Cellar Key in Chorlton

The Cellar KeyRichard Frost

Your local barber offers cut-throat shaves…and freshly ground coffee
A trip to the barbers is generally a pretty understated affair. Most barbers involve plenty of hanging around, reading lads' mags and swapping footy-related banter while waiting your turn on the clippers. Not at 'male grooming' specialist Close on Wilbraham Road, however, where patrons are encouraged to fire up the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 ahead of their 'traditional hot towel cut throat shaves'. They can also choose from an impressive drinks menu that includes beer, wine and coffee – freshly ground of course.

Close in Chorlton

CloseRichard Frost

Your local shop is a dog lifestyle store…opposite a dog grooming salon
Plenty of dog owners like to pamper their pooch but the good folk of Chorlton take this to the next level. On the corner of Barlow Moor Road and High Lane, you'll find the self-styled 'dog lifestyle store' Betty & Butch that offers everything a dog could possibly want. Well, not quite everything apparently. Those who really want to spoil their dog rotten can then go walkies over the road to 'professional dog grooming salon' Hot Dogs.

Chorlton dog stores

Pooch paradiseRichard Frost

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