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These Miami college kids are designing a Swim Week show with nothing but McDonald’s wrappers

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Have you noticed an influx of supermodels in Miami this week? Don't panic. They were not sent here to make you feel bad about ordering pizza three nights in a row. No, they are here for Swim Week 2017, Miami's annual gathering of the industry's top swimwear designers.

Consequently, this week will be filled with private parties, celebrities and—of course—runway shows. But only one of those shows will feature bathing suits fashioned from nothing but McDonald's packaging. That's right, folks, McDonald's is returning to Miami with its “McDCouture“ fashion show. It will be a collaboration between Mickey D's and around a dozen students from Miami International University of Art and Design. The two camps already joined forces back in 2015 for a Funkshion Fashion Week show that turned heads and confused stomachs.

This year's show, which will naturally be focused on swimwear, is happening this Thursday at the Funkshion Fashion Tent on Miami Beach. Sadly, it will be invitation only. 

But, if this show causes enough of a splash, perhaps you'll be able to buy your own Happy Meal bikini in the near future. Do French fries float? We just have so many questions.

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