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Pont des Amours, Time Out Market Montréal
Photograph: JP Karwacki

Lock your love into place at Time Out Market Montréal’s Pont des Amours

By JP Karwacki

Valentine’s Day? More like Valentine’s Month. Who says celebrating love in all its forms—loving yourself, loving your significant other, loving your partner in crime, your best friend, your major celebrity crush—can only be celebrated one day of the year?

For the rest of February at Time Out Market Montréal, we’re saying screw THAT idea. We’re saying rock on and lock on, and hey, why not throw in a contest for free meals at the market while we’re at it? Read on for more details.

Maybe you’ve seen photos of an iron bridge in Paris, the Pont des Arts, weighed down with massive amounts of locks that have been clicked on by passionate romancers to commemorate some hunka hunka burnin’ love for their sweethearts. It’s gone now—so many locks were clicked on that the bridge had to remove them due to the weight—but we loved the idea so much that we wanted to recreate it on our own central bridge:

Photograph: JP Karwacki

Bring your own lock or purchase one from us and help us create Montreal’s own Pont des Arts, the Pont des Amours. Once you do that, make sure you enter our contest:


Step #1

Take a photo of your lock on our bridge’s art installation and post it on Instagram with a story about love—how you met your loved one, why you love yourself, why you love your dog/cat/hamster more than people; whatever you want, so long as it’s about love—with the hashtag #timeoutmarketmontreal and tag the location at Time Out Market Montréal. There’s no limit to how many entries you can submit.

Step #2

Enjoy the fact you helped create an awesome art installation in the heart of Downtown Montreal. 

Step #3

If your story is one of our favourites, we’ll be resharing on our site Time Out Montréal, AND we’ll be giving you gift certificates for a full feast at Time Out Market. Pretty sweet, no?

Photograph: JP Karwacki

Come check out the Pont des Amours padlock art installation made by Montrealers for Montrealers anytime during Time Out Market Montréal’s opening hours, from now until February 29th. Locks can be purchased at the bridge, or you can bring your own from home. The contest will also run from now until the end of the month, February 29th, after which time the winners will be selected.

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