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Photograph: Cléo Beauchamp-Paquette

Hochelaga's new microbrewery Mutoïde has takeout beer to get us through the rest of 2020

Opened at the end of October, Hochelaga's new microbrewery Mutoïde is a sudsy new project adapted to the pandemic by offering takeout beer.

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

We're a little late on this one, Montreal, but better late than never: Hochelaga is sporting a new microbrewery in its area near Préfontaine station on the Green Line, and they're saying hi with suds in the form of takeout beer.

Mutoïde—a name invited by the owners to coincide with the brewery's industrial image—is the work of three owners who connected through their work as waiters and brewers in the neighbourhood over the last decade, combining their work in the beer industry to offer a new place to grab some beers and end 2020 on a more refreshing note.

In the last two weeks, the microbrewery has started slow and steady by offering 'cruchons' or 32-ounce growlers of two beers: There's the Vitesse, a sour-ish West Coast Pale Ale (a golden and crisp beer that's hoppy with a clean finish) at 4.8%, and a Kellerbier (a German-style lager characterized by its milky appearance, good for fans of pilsners) called the Culte at 5.5%. Bottles are $12 with an extra $4 for the container that gets reimbursed when returned.

Beers served at Mutoïde are brewed on site and beer lovers in Montreal can expect the selection to grow and diversify as time goes on. The owners have said, however, that they'll be favoring light beers as they tend to be more well-received by the general public. 

They'd initially planned to open a year ago and were planning to open in the spring, but the pandemic delayed their opening until recent, co-owner Alex Leduc told Journal Métro in an interview. "We're confident," Leduc told the publication. "We'll try to attract as many people as possible by showing our products on social media. As a brewery, we're fortunate to be able to sell beers to go, even if we're obviously (looking forward) to welcoming customers to the dining room."

That said, the microbrewery has plans to possibly partner with the neighbouring Maneki Comptoir Asiat to eat food while drinking on the premises.

Mutoïde is located at 3135 Hochelaga near Préfontaine station on the Green Line; stay up to date with what they're offering by checking out their Facebook page.

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