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Tournée Gourmand/Gourmet Week, Time Out Market Montréal
Photograph: JF Galipeau

Win a prepaid card to get a taste of Time Out Market Montréal's Gourmet Week!

If you win one of five prizes, you'll be able to taste dishes from mulitple restaurants and chefs.
Written by
JP Karwacki

Ever wish you could try everything you see when you're exploring a food hall? Now you can.

Time Out Market Montréal is holding its first-ever Gourmet Week from September 19 to 26, and Montrealers will get the chance taste as many as a dozen different dishes—all $5 each!—from both the new and returning chefs and restaurants in the Market's refreshed lineup.

Here's the thing: As cheap as it is, five lucky people can win a prepaid card to experience it! You can either use it to feast on as many as four dishes, or split it with a friend (but we won't blame you if you keep it to yourself). 

Enter now for your chance to win a $20 Time Out Market Card, as well as a limited edition Time Out Market tote bag designed by Mali Savaria-Ille, an Abénakis First Nation graphic designer and illustrator from Montréal.

You can only enter while the contest is running from September 7 to September 15!

You can either keep your card to try different things throughout the week or enjoy a full meal that mixes and matches with  things like slices of pizza, sliders, tacos, mini bowls of ramen, poké or poutine, and more.

Simply fill out the form below for a chance to win.

Good luck—and see you soon at Time Out Market Montréal!

This competition has closed. Please see terms and conditions here.

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