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Your guide to the food and drink at Time Out Market Montréal

Check out the eateries at Time Out Market Montréal — the best chefs and restaurants in the city under one roof


Located in the Centre Eaton de Montréal, Time Out Market Montréal is 40,000-square-foot culinary and cultural destination, smack dab in the heart of Downtown Montréal. Inside this expansive space below a massive skylight, you’ll find a handpicked selection of restaurants and chefs by the editorial staff at Time Out Montréal.

It’s got every base covered, serving as many mouthwatering local and classic dishes like poutine, Vietnamese pho and bahn mi, and juicy burgers as there are innovative, vegetarian and gluten-free options like amazing Caribbean curries. It’s also got plenty to snack on too, like platters to enjoy with friends during a 5 à 7 in a bar section pouring of top shelf cocktails, pints from Québec microbreweries and an wide range of wines. 

There’s a lot to take in, so take your time browsing the eateries of Time Out Market Montréal. Clicking on any one of these stellar names and concepts below will give you more information about them and the menus they're serving. Note that there are specials from time to time that are only around for a limited time, so pay a visit to now and then to see what's available.

Time Out Market Montreal
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Here’s where the time-honored pairing of coffee and donuts gets taken up a notch, with impeccably pulled shots and brilliant brews of beans sourced directly from the Canadian Roasting Society that are served alongside gobsmackingly good fried biscuit and brioche donuts you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Signature dish: Sconuts


Dig into a greatest-hits selection from this local favourite in the city’s Village, including platters of pressed and torched oshizushi, fresh sashimi and savory maki, loaded-to-burst poke bowls and endless plates of classic Japanese yatai-style street food.

Signature dish: Oshizushi

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Japanese counter

Restaurateur Hideyuki Imaizumi and kaiseki chef Tetsuya Shimizu’s combined culinary efforts have us convinced that Marusan is serving up some of the best Japanese fare in town.

Signature dishes: Curry, donburi, and ramen

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Vietnamese cantine

This kitchen’s menu captures the bona fide flavours and aromatics of Vietnamese favorites while adding welcome twists and turns of their own invention.

Signature dish: Pho dip

Indian cantine

Open since 1985, Le Taj is one of the city’s premiere destinations for Indian fine dining, an institution of immense staying power because of the Montreal spin it brings to dishes like naan swiped with butter, creamy butter chicken, tandoor-roasted kebabs and Delhi-style biryani.

Signature dish: Butter chicken

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Haitian & Caribbean cuisine

Paul Toussaint’s passionate approach to Caribbean fare has been catching Montréal’s attention ever since the chef returned from Haiti in 2017.

Signature dishes: Pineapple-and-rum ribs and Caribbean curry

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Pan-Canadian cuisine

At this signature concept, Yen invites us to taste how he sees, unravels, and respins the world through a menu of reimagined classics, from shrimp cocktails to moules and steak frites. Merging a studied mind with pure intuitive skill, Yen isn’t just a rising star of Canada’s restaurants—he’s meteoric.

Signature dish: Salmon tartare


Brasserie d'ici

Get a taste of Chef Jean-Sébastien Giguère's experience at some of the best restaurants in the country thanks to next-level dishes featuring French brasserie classics with seriously local twists.

Signature dish: MTL Giant Guédille

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Continental grill from chef Paul Toussaint

The menu here is a continental journey through the barbecue techniques of two hemispheres, combining North, Central, and South America: Starting up north with spit-roasted méchoui and classic Montréal smoked meat, it goes through the United States, and ends with specialties and delicacies like Caribbean jerk, Argentinian asado, and Brazilian churrasco. 

Signature dish: Brisket and ribs


Burgers & Poutines

If you’re craving one of the best smash burgers in the city—inspired by the American Southwest but with a local twist—you’ve come to the right place. Montreal has not only fallen hard for the crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside burgers, but is also obsessed with the rest of the chef's genius recipes (including Simon’s chili cheese fries)

Signature dish: The Big Time Burger, created exclusively for Time Out Market Montreal

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Artisinal pasta

At this eatery, Italian cuisine’s calling cards of fresh pasta and seasonally based dishes of antipasti are delivered in wonderfully delicious ways. Buon appetito!

Signature dishes: Pasta, antipasti

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Chef Frédéric St-Aubin’s one-two punch of both traditional and seasonal ingredients at Moleskine makes us do a double take at just how fresh, comforting and fun the dishes are. Fans of bona fide Italian pies will love their Marguerite and Salsiccia pizzas, but don't skip on their more outside-the-pizza-box creations.

Signature dish: Marguerite and Suave pizzas

Portuguese chicken, poutine and natas

From our first taste of the Ferreira family’s Portuguese chicken coming hot off its smoking grills when it opened in 2016 to every delicious bite today, this fine-tuned churrascaria has consistently delivered quality time and again.

Signature dishes: Grilled chicken and chicken poutine


Spanish tapas tavern

Ibéricos is a taste of Spain. From Caracas to San Sebastien to Montreal, Chef Haissam Souki Tamayo has worked in Michelin-star restaurants and alongside legendary chefs to hone his authentic mix of Spanish tradition and local Quebec produce. A sumptuous paella brimming with flavours—famous for the golden brown crust of rice that forms on the bottom of the pan—a calamari sandwich to satisfy the biggest seafood addict and a Basque cheesecake (caramelized on top with a rich, ultra-creamy interior) that will leave you with cravings days.

Signature dish: Paella


Montrealers have been worshipping at the altar of this family-run sandwicheria since it opened in 2018. The lip-smacking magic happens when southern Italian recipes that hail back three generations meet Philly-style hoagies bursting with homemade ingredients—right down to the house burrata, hand-cut chips and fresh basil picked from the garden. It only takes one bite to see why these sandwiches have a cult following.

Signature dish: the Porcetta sandwich

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The Time Out Bar is not your average watering hole—we got our hands on drink recipes from ten exceptional Montreal bars so that you could taste the work of the city’s greatest mixologists without having to bar-hop. 

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As much as we love mixology, sometimes nothing can beat a glass of beer, and that’s why we’ve put together a range of Québécois microbreweries—plus a couple of fancy imports—for you to knock back. Here's where you want to grab a pint brewed by spots like Dieu du Ciel, Archibald, Microbrasserie de Charlevoix and Pit Caribou, as well as some imports to try out. Be sure to ask for a flight! 

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Whether you’re a major oenophile or just someone who wants a drink as fancy as the food you ordered, pull up to the Wine Bar for your next glass of red, white, bubbly, pét-nat, or orange. You’ll find a diversified selection from around the globe, from New Zealand and Greece to France and Italy, as well as options from our own backyard in Québec and Ontario.

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Whether you’re the designated driver, having a sober month, or just don't want to drink, we got you. Instead of opting for a glass of water, we’ve put together a menu of alcohol-free drinks that bring together some stellar flavors, like the Yuzu Smash with yuzu, cucumber and lime, the Zingi made with ginger soda, strawberry and lime, a range of flavors for homemade sodas or “pints” of killer kombucha.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar
Photograph: Geneviève Giguere

If summer in Montréal had a flavour, it would be ice cream, and Time Out Market Montréal brings the city’s crème de la crème to the Market’s new Milk Bar. Ice cream doesn’t get any tastier than this.

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