10:30 P.M. Summer


Time Out says

Nobody had a good word to say for this adaptation of Marguerite Duras' novel which, though a potentially good script (by Duras and Dassin), is treated so heavily that it becomes risible. Finch and Schneider play a couple deciding whether to or not, while Finch's alcoholic wife (Mercouri) goes bananas to the point of being obsessed by a local crime passionel. Much of the blame can be attributed directly to Mercouri's barnstorming performance, though the inappropriately tarted-up Spanish postcard settings don't help either. Strange that a director like Dassin, who spearheaded the neo-realist movement in Hollywood after World War II, should look so completely out of touch with any level of reality in later years.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Jules Dassin
Jules Dassin, Marguerite Duras
Melina Mercouri
Romy Schneider
Peter Finch
Julián Mateos
Beatríz Savón
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