13 Going on 30

Film, Drama

Time Out says

I wish I was flirty and 30 and everything was perfect,’ sobs 13-year-old Jenna Rink (Allen), after the ‘Six Chicks’, a ra-ra-skirted clique of junior ‘Heathers’, lock her in the cupboard with amorous Wotsit-resembling pal Matt (Marquette) – instead of the eighth grade’s Prince Charming. Luckily she’s under a sprinkle of magic dust at the time, and wakes up 17 years older (in the gym-buffed body of Garner), a Manhattan-dwelling fashion-mag editor, who’s lost her nice-girl qualities along with her braces. With its ’80s references, it’s basically calorie-lite escapism for those who are 30 going on 13 and want to see nice girls get Mark Ruffalo and bad girls wear Chanel and edit Vogue.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Gary Winick
Jennifer Garner
Mark Ruffalo
Sean Marquette
Christa B Allen
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