1999 Madeleine


Time Out says

Confirming the promise of Sélect Hôtel, his debut vérité-style examination of Parisian marginals, Laurent Bouhnik's second feature has echoes of Godard in its sympathetic study of a lonely but proud/bold dressmaker, Madeleine (Briole, open and dignified). 'My Life's fucked - but I'm not part of it,' says the alienated, thirty-something woman, in a series of interior monolgues. She embarks on a run Lonely Hearts encounters, observed by with acute but non-judgmental detail. A film of subtle discretion, formal vigour and delight in the still rich humanist-realist cinematic tradition.

By: WH


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Laurent Bouhnik
Laurent Bouhnik
Véra Briole
Manuel Blanc
Anouk Aimée
Jean-Michel Fête
Jean-François Gallotee
Michel Goudouin
Aurélia Petit
Emmanuelle Rozes
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