2 Days in the Valley


Time Out says

Hatcher hires Spader to kill her ratbag of a husband. That's the stone tossed into the pool: the ripples take in Mazursky's suicidal film director, Daniels' and Stoltz's variously troubled cops, Cruttwell's travails with a kidney stone, and more. The result is not so much complexity as a mildly entertaining collection of rather superficial short stories; or perhaps it's best described as an elementary elaboration of a greater number of subsidiary characters than usual, inside a piece of pulp fiction. Smoothly constructed, for such a busy piece of work, and Hatcher's ascent to stardom continues.


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

John Herzfeld
John Herzfeld
James Spader
Danny Aiello
Teri Hatcher
Paul Mazursky
Jeff Daniels
Eric Stoltz
Glenne Headly
Greg Cruttwell
Marsha Mason
Robert Carradine
Louise Fletcher
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