3 Men and a Cradle

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In this comedy, three Parisian swingers find their bachelor pad invaded by the fruit of a night of forgotten passion. Horizons narrow to three-hourly feeds and nappy changes, during which the gesticulation rate rises into the paint cards. The father (Dussollier) gets off light, being on vacation in the Orient, but the other two not only learn to cope with parenthood, but also have to contend with a subplot dealing with drugs, drug-dealers and the police, in which the nappy features as a stash. When the mother reclaims the baby, the trio discover that their old ways no longer appeal, and begin to question the meaning of life itself. Only itchy-koo will do. Noisy, and not short of unison waddling walks.

By: BC


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Coline Serreau
Coline Serreau
Roland Giraud
Michel Boujenah
André Dussollier
Philippine Leroy Beaulieu
Dominique Lavanant
Marthe Villalonga
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