4 Faces of Eve


Time Out says

Four-episode vehicle for comedienne Sandra Ng, designed both to show off her versatility and to give some of the orthodoxies of Hong Kong film production a kick in the arse. Sadly, despite Ng's obvious talent, most of it is neither fresh nor funny. The second episode, played in a guttural invented language, is almost unwatchable (she's a Mainland Chinese wife ministering to her husband's every cruel need) and the final episode, in which she's a housewife winning prizes on a TV game show for exposing the full misery of her marriage, pales beside such realities as The Jerry Springer Show. But the first and third episodes have their moments, and Chris Doyle's anarchic cinematography is, to say the least, unpredictable.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Lamb, Eric Kot, Kam Kwok-Leung
Sandra Ng
Eric Kot
Jan Lamb
Karen Mok
Wyman Wong
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