7 Faces of Dr Lao


Time Out says

Randall gets to show off as the old, bald Chinese illusionist who arrives in a Western town and whose multifarious circus show soon begins to cast a spell over local events (newspaperman Ericson is leading a fight against expansionist magnate O'Connell). A pleasingly inventive diversion from top movie fantasist George Pal, here coming up with an original story (script by Charles Beaumont from Charles G Finney's novel The Circus of Dr Lao), rather than adapting a fairytale (Tom Thumb) or a myth (Atlantis, The Lost Continent). Make-up artist William Tuttle won an Oscar for his endeavours.

By: TJ


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

George Pal
Charles G Finney
Tony Randall
Barbara Eden
Arthur O'Connell
John Ericson
Kevin Tate
Lee Patrick
Argentina Brunetti
Noah Beery Jr
John Qualen
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