8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Two identical duffel bags: one belongs to cocky mobster Tommy Spinelli (Pesci), the other to meek medical student Charlie (Comeau). Charlie's bound for a holiday in Mexico with girlfriend Laurie (Swanson) and her parents, smarmy Dick and neurotic Annette (Hamilton and Cannon). Spinelli's bag contains eight human heads, grisly 'proof' of a Mob hit. If Spinelli fails to deliver all the evidence to his boss, his head will roll too. But then the bags get mixed up at the airport, and, worse, some of the heads go missing. The black humour's shovelled on in the first ten minutes, giving the impression that we're in for a swell bit of dark bad-taste comedy. But when Cannon lunges into frame, having discovered the contents of Charlie's bag, all becomes clear: the film's actually several shades lighter than Hamilton's tan and better suited to TV.

By: DA


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Schulman
Tom Schulman
Joe Pesci
Andy Comeau
Kristy Swanson
Todd Louise
George Hamilton
Dyan Cannon
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