A Couch in New York


Time Out says

Akerman's most overtly commercial project yet turns out to be a comedy without humour, a romance without affection. She laboriously hauls into place all the items on the specification: wacky premise (dancer Binoche pretending to be a psychiatrist, psychiatrist Hurt pretending to be a patient), best friends to whom the plot can be confided, a big cute dog. But it never begins to come to life. Hurt looks haggard, Binoche flutters prettily, a butterfly in a graveyard. The prevailing gloom is lifted only by some imaginative art direction.

By: BBa


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Chantal Akerman
Jean-Louis Benoît, Chantal Akerman
Juliette Binoche
Richard Jenkins
Stephanie Buttle
William Hurt
Paul Guilfoyle
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