A Fistful of Fingers


Time Out says

This is a homemade spaghetti Western (budget £10,000, cardboard horses and a handful of sixth-formers) which parodies itself along with the genre archetypes. The moving story of a bounty hunter's love for his murdered horse is a ragbag of the surreal, the satiric and the plain lame in the tradition of Hot Shots! Part Deux, with one Graham Low, a tour guide at Wookey Hole Caves, doing an uncanny impersonation of Eastwood's 'No Name'. Wright may not be in the class of Robert (El Mariachi) Rodriguez, but he has talent. Best seen after a couple of beers.

By: TCh


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright
Graham Low
Oliver Evans
Martin Curtis
Quentin Green
William Cornes
Neil Mullarkey
Nicola Stapleton
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