A Goofy Movie

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The first full-length movie starring Disney's toothy 63-year-old hound. For much of his career Goofy remained in the shadow of Mickey and Donald until the studio resurrected him for a series of 'Goof Troop' TV shorts, in which he played alongside his slightly more intelligent son Max. Here Max shows signs of adolescent rebellion. Realising he's gotta do something if he's to bridge the generation gap, Pa takes reluctant son on a mind-expanding fishing trip. Max would much rather be impressing his girl Roxanne with his Michael Jackson routine. Insipid songs and not much story.

By: DA


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Lima
Jymm Magon, Chris Matheson, Brian Pimental
Bill Farmer
Jason Marsden
Jim Cummings
Kellie Martin
Rob Paulsen
Wallace Shawn
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