A Journey Called Love


Time Out says

A sometimes appropriately frantic look at the stormy affair between Italian poet Dino Campana (Accorsi) and emancipated writer Sibilla Aleramo (Morante). Freeing herself at great personal cost from a difficult childhood and marriage, Aleramo writes to the turbulent Campana, almost a decade her junior, leading to expected trouble after the initial passionate encounter. Set during WWI, it's well staged and dramatically persuasive, but offers little fresh on either matters of the heart or the boiling frottage of two literary heavyweights.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Michele Placido
Michele Placido, Diego Ribon, Heidrun Schleef
Laura Morante
Stefano Accorsi
Alessandro Haber
Galatea Ranzi
Katy Louise Saunders
Dario Bandiera
Consuelo Ciatta
Emiliano Coltorti
Andrea Coppola
Vittorio Franceschi
Michele Melega
Marit Nissen
Teresa Ricci
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