A Kid for Two Farthings


Time Out says

Before he plunged headlong into 'international' film-making (never to be seen again), Carol Reed took this fanciful Wolf Mankowitz screenplay and tried to re-imagine Petticoat Lane in the poetic realist vein of Marcel Carné and Jacques Prévert. A young boy (Ashmore) mistakes a one-horned goat for a miraculous unicorn, and eagerly anticipates good fortune for his friends about the neighbourhood. A whimsical film, it may have seemed horribly patronising in the '50s; but from today's perspective, an intriguing, even adventurous attempt to resurrect a national cinema that had clearly lost its legs.

By: TCh


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Carol Reed
Wolf Mankowitz
Jonathan Ashmore
Celia Johnson
Diana Dors
David Kossoff
Sidney Tafler
Sidney James
Alfie Bass
Brenda de Banzie
Joe Robinson
Primo Carnera
Lou Jacobi
Irene Handl
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