A Lady Without Passport


Time Out says

Stylishly directed by the low-budget wizard who brought you Gun Crazy and The Big Combo, this is a Casablanca-type tale of European immigrants trying to get into America, and being forced to stop off in corrupt, seedy Havana en route. Lamarr is the gorgeous woman with a past who will do anything to reach the land of promise, Hodiak the immigration official who bends the rules when he falls for her. A tight little script and economically etched characters provide a strong foundation, but it is Lewis' evocative visuals that really turn this into a poverty row gem.

By: GA


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph H Lewis
Howard Dimsdale
Hedy Lamarr
John Hodiak
James Craig
George Macready
Steve Geray
Bruce Cowling
Nedrick Young
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