A Man Thing


Time Out says

This superb and moving drama from the Lodz Film School, a multi-award winner internationally, declares inspiration from Kes (following on from Kieslowski), but heralds an absolutely distinctive and confident new talent with a compelling tale of a boy, isolated and abused at home and school, who finds solace with a stray dog facing its end at the local pound. Subtle, complex, extraordinarily economic and telling in its narrative revelations, this is deeply humane movie-making, and short film (cinema, dammit) at its very best.

By: GE


Release details

26 mins

Cast and crew

Slawomir Fabicki
Slawomir Fabicki
Bartosz Idczak
Mariusz Jakus
Marek Bielecki
Katarzyna Bargielowska
Tomek Holinski
Andrzej Wichrowski
Grzesiek Krol
Mariusz Pilawski
Katarzyna Chmara
Dominik Berlinski
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